Jason vs. Michael Fan Trailer: Clash of the Horror Titans

A new fan trailer pits Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees against Halloween's Michael Myers. In a world where Freddy has battled Jason, Alien has fought Predator, and even Puppet Master has squared off with Demonic Toys, it's kind of sad that arguably the most obvious fight between horror titans has never taken place: Jason vs. Michael. It's a hypothetical match-up that horror fans have debated for decades, yet due to different studios owning the characters, the idea has never become a reality.

Part of the reason fans are so generally intrigued by the proposition of Jason fighting Michael is just how similar the two characters are to each other. John Carpenter's original 1978 Halloween all-but created the slasher genre, with Michael becoming the template for the standard silent, hulking, masked slasher villain. 1980's original Friday the 13th is unabashedly a Halloween ripoff and 1982's Friday the 13th Part III would introduce the world to the now fully-formed Jason: a silent, hulking, hockey mask-wearing slasher.

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While the chances of the world ever getting a real Jason vs. Michael crossover film seem slim, a new fan-made trailer from Stryder HD takes a look at what might happen if horror's favorite mama's boy and horror's favorite stern big brother ever faced off. You can check out said fan-made Jason vs. Michael trailer, in the space above.

As any fan of either series will quickly recognize, the above fan trailer incorporates clips and audio from multiple entries in both of these long-running horror movie franchises. The one-on-one showdown at the end of the trailer, for example, is taken from a fan film by Trent Duncan. In a nice nod, the trailer says that Moustapha Akkad is behind the fictional Jason vs. Michael movie. Akkad served as producer on the first eight Halloween films, before a terrorist attack claimed his life in 2005. His son Malek has since taken over shepherding the franchise.

Back in the real world, Michael is doing much better than Jason, with a new Halloween set to hit theaters in October 2018. David Gordon Green is directing, from a script that he co-wrote with Danny McBride. Creator John Carpenter has returned to produce. Friday the 13th, meanwhile, has found itself stuck in development hell of late, after multiple delays on a planned 13th film installment finally led to the project being removed from Paramount's schedule.

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Source: Stryder HD

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