Jason Todd Actor Curran Walters Wraps Filming On DC's Titans

Actor Curran Walters, who will portray Jason Todd in the upcoming Titans TV series, has wrapped filming for the show’s first season. The show will be airing exclusively on DC Universe, a new streaming service in the vein of Netflix and Hulu. It is expected to air sometime later this year.

So far, details on the show's plot are slim, but a few key characters have been confirmed alongside Jason Todd, including Dick Grayson's Robin (Brendan Thwaites), Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), Starfire (Anna Diop) and Raven (Teagan Croft). Noticeably absent from the core cast is Cyborg, a member of many popular iterations of the team, including the animated series, Teen Titans GO!. Other cast members confirmed to appear include Wonder Girl, Hawk and Dove, and members of the Doom Patrol.

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According to an Instagram post made by Curran Walters (via Reddit), it appears that he has concluded his involvement in filming for Titans season 1. In the post, Walters writes "I'll miss you" over a picture of the CN Tower in Toronto, where the series has been filming.

Jason Todd has assumed two notable aliases in the comics. He became the second Robin after Dick Grayson left the position to become Nightwing, eventually becoming the leader of the Teen Titans. Due to his unpopularity with readers, Jason was killed off in the comics by the Joker. He was later resurrected and then assumed the role of the Red Hood, a vigilante far more violent than most of the Bat Family. Since Dick Grayson will be wearing the Robin suit in the new series, it is likely that Jason Todd's character will be more in line with his Red Hood character. What that means for his role in the show - hero, villain or anti-hero - is anyone's guess.

While the Teen Titans have long been popular with audiences in comics and TV shows alike, the new series has already been met with its fair share of criticism. The leaked set photos have indicated drastic costume changes for some characters and not all fans have responded positively. Unfortunately, some of the backlash was racially charged and directed at Starfire actress Anna Diop who then spoke out against racist online trolls. Though much of this drama doesn't bode well, DC clearly feels confident that Titans will be a success. It has already spawned a spin-off series, Doom Patrol, set to air sometime after the show premieres.

DC Universe is aiming for an August launch this summer, with a slate that also includes an animated Harley Quinn series, Young Justice: Outsiders, and a live-action Swamp Thing show, which is being produced by Aquaman director James Wan. While it's unclear when those shows will release, Titans should be the first one to air on the digital platform.

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Source: Curran Walters (via Reddit)

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