Movie & TV News Wrap Up: September 15, 2012

Our wrap up of various movie and TV reports including Jason Sudeikis returning to SNL, casting for the Larry David movie, 'Clear History,' and other news items.

Come Out & Play

This week:

Nicolai Fuglsig is Taking Gotham; Jason Sudeikis will be staying Live on Saturday Night, but will he have fever? More stars have a Clear History of Larry David; Ewan McGregor moves to August: Osage County; and get ready to Come Out and Play.

Nicolai Fuglsig has been hired to direct the thriller, Taking Gotham for Emmett/Furla Films.

Taking Gotham

According to Deadline:

“The Thomas Kelly-scripted film, based on actual events, is about a secret unit of the NYPD that was created in response to a string of brutal robberies in New York City. After a deadly sting operation, the elite unit is disavowed by the NYPD, forcing them to go deep underground in order to clear their names.”

The $60 million thriller starts shooting next March and I’d bet serious cash that there will be a title change before this hits screens, so that audiences won’t think it involves a certain masked superhero.

Source: Deadline


Jason Sudeikis will be returning for the 38th season of Saturday Night Live.

In the past Sudeikis made it clear he was bothered that he wasn’t given enough to do on the long-running sketch show. However, the comedian still believes that he's got something to offer SNL:

"I'd like the opportunity to use creative muscles that ... haven't been asked of me for the first nine years that I've worked there. It could be some sort of title change. The least of the concerns is anything financial. I'm not buying a boat because of writing skits. It's more having a desire to give more to a place I really believe in."

Lately, the actor has mostly been used for portraying Mitt Romney but look for him to have an expanded role even after this election year is over (regardless of the outcome).

Source: THR


More stars have joined the cast of Larry David’s HBO movie, now titled Clear History. Kate Hudson, Amy Ryan, Eva Mendes, Bill Hader, Phillip Michael Hall, JB Smoove and Danny McBride will now join previously announced cast members Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, and David (of course).

Here’s the plot:

“After losing a fortune due to a petty argument with his boss, Nathan Flomm (David), a former marketing executive at a start-up electric car company, is publicly humiliated for walking away from his 10% of a company now worth billions.

Ten years later with his marriage over and reputation ruined, Nathan has changed his identity and lives a simple life on a small island off the coast of Massachusetts under the new name of Rolly DaVore. But when his former boss shows up to renovate his summer mansion, Nathan vows to seek his revenge and drive his nemesis off the island.”

Frankly, David had me at Hamm and Keaton. Shooting begins this fall in Massachusetts.

Source: Variety


Ewan McGregor has joined the cast of the George Clooney produced drama, August: Osage County.

Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts star in the John Wells directed film - which is based on the Pulitzer and Tony-winning play by Tracy Letts.


According to THR:

“McGregor will play Bill Fordham, Roberts’ estranged husband and Streep’s son-in-law, a college professor who left his wife for one of his students but wants to be there for his family.

the story revolves around the women of a family whose lives have splintered in many directions until a crisis brings them back to their childhood home and to the dysfunctional pill-popping woman (Streep) who raised them.”

Benedict Cumberbatch, Abigail Breslin, Chris Cooper, Sam Shepard, Margo Martindale, and Dermot Mulroney also star in the film which has endured a long road to the screen.

Expect some sort of awards talk when this one is released.

Source: THR


Cinedigm Entertainment Group has acquired US distribution for the horror film Come Out and Play at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Come Out & Play

According to THR:

“ The film follows a couple, played by Vinessa Shaw and Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who venture to a remote island following the birth of their child only to discover it's inhabited only by children. They are left to uncover the mystery of why the adults have disappeared, and a day in paradise quickly turns into a struggle for survival.”

The movie is directed by Makinov, a masked filmmaker whose identity remains a secret. Apparently he “wore a mask while directing the film in order to separate his ego from the process.

Maybe he’s actually James Cameron?

Source: THR


That's it for now. See you at the movies.

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