Jason Statham in Death Race 2000 Remake

Jason Statham has officially signed on to star in the upcoming remake Death Race 3000.

There is good news and bad news in regards to this. The good news is that I think Statham is perfect for this type of movie. I haven't heard what role he'll be playing, but my guess would be that he'll play the character called Frankenstein in the original movie (Death Race 2000).

The bad news is that this is being written and directed by Paul Anderson. I gave my initial reaction to this news here, and it certainly wasn't positive.

Among the films that Anderson has been responsible for are Soldier, Event Horizon and Alien vs Predator, not one of which I would even use the word "good" to describe them. It's a bummer too, as /Film points out this could be a really cool movie, but the odds are stacked against it and I'm pretty sure the opportunity will be wasted.

Source: /Film

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