Jason Patric to Play Cops & Superheroes in FX's 'Powers'

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Bad Teacher co-star Lucy Punch was playing the female lead in FX's Powers pilot, came news that actor Jason Patric would be handling the male lead role of Detective Christian Walker.

This will be the first time that Patric - best known for his roles in Narc and The Losers - will be taking on a TV series, and given how selective the actor tends to be with his roles (Speed 2 notwithstanding) his commitment to the project could be an indication that the pilot script by Charles H. Eglee (The Shield) is indeed something special.

Powers is based on the comic book series by writer Brian Michael Bendis and aritst Michael Avon Oeming. The story in involves a tough female detective named Deena Pilgrim (Punch) who gets partnered with veteran detective Christian Walker (Patric). The twist is that these two detective investigate crimes committed by superpowered individuals. Without SPOILING anything, in the comics the pair's first case involves the murder of a famous superhero, which gives rise to all kinds of controversy, as well as exposing some long-buried secrets.

While Deena Pilgrim is more of a straightforward and one-note character (at least at the start), Detective Walker is a deep and complex character from the onset, which would require a talented guy like Patric to make the performance work on all the necessary levels. It also helps that Patric is a master of understated strength and intensity (see: his infamous monologue in Your Friends & Neighbors), as these are qualities that Walker has in spades.

deena pilgrim (lucy punch) and christian walker (jason patric) in fx's powers
Pilgrim and Walker in 'Powers'

The cast of Powers now has three central roles cast - Patric as Walker, Punch as Pilgrim, and Charles S. Dutton as police captain Cross. We're sure to hear more casting of some the supporting roles and one-off roles for the pilot soon. Stay tuned.

Depending on whether or not it gets a full series order (which is looking more and more likely), you should expect to see Powers sometime this winter.

Source: Deadline

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