Jason Momoa Would Play The MCU's Wolverine (Can He?)

Jason Momoa as Wolverine in MCU

When Jason Momoa was cast as Aquaman, audiences were shocked. But something tells us Marvel fans will have a much easier time picturing Momoa as the next Wolverine--the MCU superhero he would love to play if he were given the chance.

The idea of following in the footsteps of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine will be daunting to whoever ends up landing the role, now that Disney has the rights to the X-Men. But after surprising naysayers by not only reinvigorating the Aquaman character, but starring in one of the most successful box office movies of all time, playing the new Wolverine may seem like no risk at all. One could even argue that the very qualities that made Momoa an unconventional Aquaman would make him a perfect Logan. And Apparently, Momoa has noticed that fact as well.

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Fans of Aquaman don't need to panic about what this means for Aquaman 2 just yet, since the conversation is still openly hypothetical. According to SuperBroMovies live from Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas, the topic arose when Jason Momoa was asked who, if given his choice, he would want to play in Marvel's movie universe. Wolverine seems like a no-brainer, since being a strong, quiet, harsh, but clearly still good-hearted outsider is what Momoa has become known for in his career thus far. So, if he would someday wish to play Wolverine in Marvel's movie universe... is it even possible?

Aquaman Movie Jason Momoa

Marvel or X-Men fans should prepare themselves now, since the next several years are going to be filled with actors and actresses naming mutant roles they would love to tackle. Of course, Marvel Studios has made no secret of the fact that a reboot of the X-Men movies is being slated for years down the line at the earliest (a move that made sense even before Dark Phoenix bombed at the box office). So with that in mind, the usual contract obligations that would immediately rule out a DC star don't apply to the same degree. That's not even considering how unclear the future of DC Films have become. It's safe to assume that Aquaman 2 is a sure thing... but Aquaman 3? Or Momoa still being around for another attempted Justice League?

We would hope that Jason Momoa constantly crediting Zack Snyder for his casting and success wouldn't work against him, since Aquaman seems to be tied with Wonder Woman as the only Justice League character with a franchise future. Who knows what Momoa's schedule will look like in 4 or 5 years, when Marvel may be looking to recast their movie X-Men? That being said, a new Wolverine actor will be cast at some point, and comparisons to Hugh Jackman are going to be unavoidable. If the studio casts a proven, popular, box office draw who actually fits a more comic book version of Wolverine like Momoa, comparisons would go out the window (just as they did with Snyder's take on Aquaman).

So, will Jason Momoa actually get the opportunity to play the Marvel role he named above all others? And if so, how many years from now would audiences get it see it? Two things are sure: Jason Momoa is going to be a lot of fans' top choices for the new anchor of the MCU X-Men... and this is going to be a long wait.

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Source: SuperBroMovies

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