Jason Momoa Really Wants to See Zack Snyder's Justice League Cut

Aquaman star Jason Momoa doesn't hold back when asked about Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League, making it clear he really wants to see it released. After the underwhelming theatrical performance of Justice League, the DCEU clearly needed a break, and that's exactly what it got. By the time Aquaman releases in the U.S., it'll have been more than a year since Justice League united six of DC's most famous heroes on the big screen for the first time.

While it's odd to consider a movie that grossed $657 million worldwide a failure, one must consider the fact that due to so much of Justice League being re-shot by replacement director Joss Whedon following Snyder's departure from the project, the DCEU's attempt at matching The Avengers ended up costing way more than the other entries into the franchise. Combine that with it holding the dubious distinction of being the lowest-grossing DCEU film, and Justice League's status as a flop becomes undeniable, no matter how many individual viewers might have liked it. There's no real excuse for a movie starring DC's "holy trinity" of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman not to outperform Suicide Squad at the box office.

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For months now, many DC fans have been waging a crusade with one goal: convincing Warner Bros. and DC Films to release Zack Snyder's original cut of Justice League. While it's unknown for sure if a complete cut of Snyder's vision even exists, the filmmaker has done nothing but add fuel to the fire by regularly releasing material from his cut that didn't make the theatrical version, and even recently acknowledged the Snyder Cut movement directly for the first time. Now, when asked about the Snyder Cut by MTV News during an interview promoting Aquaman, Momoa added his voice to the chorus. The actor first acknowledged how studio politics usually prohibited people in his position from speaking their mind about such things, then proceeded to do just that, enthusiastically expressing his desire to see the Snyder Cut, complete with dropping an F-bomb. Check out the endearingly candid moment below.

While those involved with Justice League - including even Snyder himself - have usually deftly avoided questions about the original cut of the film, it's quite refreshing to see Momoa just come out and say what he thinks, likely realizing that he's currently in a prominent enough position with DC to avoid any reprimand or reprisal for doing so. After all, the buzz around Aquaman going into release is quite positive, and it looks like the film won't perform as poorly at the box office as initially projected. If Aquaman serves to get the DCEU back on the right track critically and commercially, WB and DC will be too busy celebrating its success to care that Momoa disobeyed their seeming corporate directive.

Another factor in Momoa being so forthright is likely his well-known respect and admiration for Snyder, who personally cast the actor as Aquaman, and helped develop the character's DCEU identity. Momoa has addressed some of the differences between Aquaman's story in Snyder's cut and Whedon's cut before, and while he's never disrespected Whedon or insulted the theatrical cut, he's never really attempted to hide the fact that he preferred Snyder's vision for both the project as a whole and Arthur Curry in particular. Here's hoping fan's eventually get to see Aquaman's Justice League journey for themselves.

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Source: MTV News

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