Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Wore A Purple Suit To The Joker Premiere

Jason Momoa has a purple suit for the Joker movie premiere. With only a matter of days left to go before Todd Phillip’s Joker movie finally hits theaters, it can perhaps seem hard to believe that to date, despite how much has been written and said about the film, it still hasn’t been officially released.

Although there’s been ample anticipation for Joker by DC fans ever since it was revealed that Joaquin Phoenix would take on the challenging role of Arthur Fleck and his villainous alter ego of the Joker, the intense buzz around the film didn’t really get going until late this summer when it took the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival. In addition to the award, critics were awed by the performance of Phoenix, who lost a shocking 52 pounds for the role. As Joker has drawn closer to its official release date, Oscar buzz has been a constant - despite the film having also been the recipient of several negative reviews after being screened at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier in September. Nonetheless, Joker is on its way to some impressive opening day box office projections and the film’s Los Angeles premiere had an extensive guest list - including one very familiar member of the DC family.

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Known to fans as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, Jason Momoa was all set to attend the Joker premiere at L.A.’s famed TCL Chinese Theatre. This being a DC premiere for a particularly anticipated film, however, Momoa wasn’t about to turn up in a typical suit or tuxedo. Instead, the recently turned 40-year-old star apparently wanted to pay his own little tribute to the Joker by donning a purple suit. Footage of Momoa preparing to put on his aptly themed purple suit comes to us courtesy of Twitter account DC News, which pulled the video from Momoa's on Instagram stories. In it, a visibly excited Momoa shows off this suit and even his shoes, which are also purple (with green soles). Check out the video and see photos courtesy of Getty below:

Ever the upbeat and positive celebrity, Momoa clearly hasn’t allowed the current controversy surrounding Joker to ruin his night out at the big premiere. There has been much debate as of late over whether or not Joker casts its violent titular character in far too much of a sympathetic light. Phoenix walked out of a recent interview when he was asked if this was a concern (only to later return), and Warner Bros. recently issued a statement defending the film after family members of the Aurora, Colorado shooting expressed concern that the film might help give rise to another mass shooting. In light of the negative press that the film has been receiving, Warner made the decision to restrict print and broadcast journalists from the red carpet at the L.A. premiere.

Momoa’s decision to put on a purple suit for the premiere undoubtedly helps to turn public attention back to the film and its main character. And while it’s true that Phillip’s Joker isn’t necessarily the purple clad fiend that DC fans know and love from the comics, Momoa’s homage makes it clear that first and foremost, he’s at the premiere to take in a film about one of the greatest comic book villains of all time. Time will hopefully quell fears over Joker’s potential harmful effects on the public, leaving just the film and its performances to receive the focus they deserve.

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Source: DC News

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