Jason Momoa Reprises Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo on SNL

Khal Drogo -Jason Momoa hints at Game Of Thrones return

Jason Momoa resurrected his deceased Game of Thrones character Khal Drogo as he took on hosting duties on Saturday Night Live. Of course, Momoa is now better known for playing Aquaman in the DCEU, headlining his own standalone Aquaman film this year after tackling the role in both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

With Aquaman poised to become an international box office sensation - it's already been released in China, where it took in nearly $100 million in its first weekend - Momoa is certain to become an even bigger star than ever. However, long before heading under the sea to play Arthur Curry in Aquaman, Momoa made his first big splash on HBO’s Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo, the leader of the barbaric Dothraki horde. Drogo unfortunately didn’t last long, dying in season 1 and leaving behind his widow Daenerys, who, with the help of her three dragons, later rose to lead the Dothraki herself.

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Drogo is only one of many Game of Thrones characters who have met untimely demises over the years. While hosting SNL, Momoa got a chance to once again play Drogo, joining several other notable deceased Game of Thrones characters in a sketch called "Khal Drogo's Ghost Dojo." Hosted by Kenan Thompson as as a character named Zerbo, the show brought on a variety of ghosts including Hodor, the High Sparrow, King Joffrey, and Olenna Tyrell. See the full clip below:

Momoa looks like his old commanding self as Drogo, even speakingsome lines in the show's unique Dothraki language. The sketch features Beck Bennett as Hodor, the hulking and simple-minded protector of Bran Stark who met his end while sacrificing himself to “hold the door;" Pete Davidson as the High Sparrow, the religious fanatic who died at the hands of Cersei when she blew up the Great Sept (they recreate Viserys's golden crown death from season 1); Heidi Gardner as Brienne of Tarth - who is still alive on the show; and Kate McKinnon as King Joffrey and Aidy Bryant as Olenna Tyrell who get involved in a Jerry Springer Show-like scuffle on account of Olenna being responsible for orchestrating Joffrey's death. The sketch is intercut with a series of fake ads, including one that references the infamous Red Wedding.

Though the sketch is filled with fun references for Game of Thrones fans, it’s unlikely that non-fans would get much out of it. In fact, it seemed as though the majority of the episode's crowd wasn't filled with many Game of Thrones fans because the reaction was slightly lukewarm, to say the least. Momoa himself doesn’t have much to do in the sketch, but gets by on the same traits that made him memorable as Khal Drogo - namely his physical stature and menacing presence. For Momoa's sake, his performance as Aquaman will hopefully get a better reaction from audiences than his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

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