Jason Momoa Speaks Dothraki on the Graham Norton Show

Justice League star Jason Momoa spoke some Dothraki as part of his recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show. The actor's star continues to rise, especially as he becomes a major part of D.C.'s cinematic universe. He's been noted as one of the highlights of Justice League in early critical reactions and has a chance to take his career to yet another level with his leading role in 2018's Aquaman.

Despite Momoa's growing fame in portraying the iconic D.C. superhero, many of his fans may still recognize him for his magnetic turn as Khal Drogo, the Dothraki leader on Game of Thrones. The character is long gone from the series with the majority of his screen time happening in the first season, but Drogo clearly remains one of the series' most memorable supporting characters. And Momoa proved in a new interview that his role was not lost on him - in fact, he can still speak Dothraki.

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In Momoa's recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the eponymous host and his guests, actor Hugh Grant and comedian Sarah Millican, spent some time speaking to the actor about his time on Game of Thrones. You can check out the full clip above. First they show Momoa a picture of a fan dressing as Khal Drogo for Halloween and the costume is ... less than perfect.

After a few deadpan jokes about the fan's outfit, Momoa is asked if he can speak to some Dothraki. That's when the actor suddenly brings back Drogo's familiarly deep, gravelly voice and says something romantic to Millican. He follows that up with something more menacing-sounding to Grant. No translations, though - so unless you also speak fluent Dothraki, Momoa could have just been speaking gibberish for all you know.

The segment is simply another reminder of how iconic Momoa's performance as Drogo really was. People are still dressing up as him for Halloween and the actor is still making sure he remembers his favorite Dothraki phrases - but that could also mean he could be returning in the final season. The role helped launch his career to greater levels of fame and it's cool to see that he understands that as well as anyone.

The interview seems to be curiously low on Justice League and Aquaman talk, based on what's been added to YouTube. So D.C. fans hoping to hear more about Arthur Curry will be disappointed here. You'd think Momoa wanted to promote his new stuff more than a role from several years ago. But the video is certainly an amusing couple of minutes for Game of Thrones fans.

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Source: The Graham Norton Show

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