How Jason Momoa's Aquaman Role Led to the 'Best Moment' of His Career

Jason Momoa Aquaman - James Wan disputes rumors

Aquaman marks the next big-budget starring role for actor Jason Momoa since he gained widespread recognition and a loyal following for his role on Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo. Fans will get a taste of his turn as the marine-based D.C. superhero in 2017’s Justice League, which is now in post-production as Momoa gets ready to shoot Aquaman in four or five months.

Momoa is certainly thrilled to play an iconic character like Aquaman for a high-profile blockbuster, but what’s even more rewarding for the 37-year-old actor is the added opportunities he’s gotten to follow more passionate projects on the heels of his rise to stardom. He will play the lead role in the upcoming Netflix original drama Frontier, which tells the story of fur traders in the 1700s Pacific Northwest.

In light of his starring role on Frontier and other upcoming projects, Momoa believes his performances as Aquaman have led to a high point in his career. In a new interview with THR, Momoa opened up on his upcoming appearances and the positive impact landing the role of Aquaman has had on his career.

"I haven't been an actor who's been able to pick and choose roles, and being a family man, it's been about putting food on the table. … This has been the best moment of my career because the superhero roles are letting me get the other roles I want."

Jason Momoa In Netflix's Frontier

Despite just recently finishing shooting his scenes for Justice League, Momoa has known about his role as Aquaman since around 2013 but has had to keep the role quiet. He’s already finished shooting the first two seasons of Frontier, which premieres on Netflix on Jan. 20. He said that was drawn to his role in Frontier because of the character’s half-native ancestry (which he shares), and the complex layers that are peeled away as the show progresses.

Momoa is also interested in getting back into directing -- he helmed 2014’s Road to Paloma -- and also hinted at getting into comedy. He shows off his lively personality in a series of videos at THR, a side of the actor rarely seen as compared to his on-screen roles, indicating that he could have a bright future in that genre. But for now, Momoa is starting to take on the roles he’s most driven to portray and he thanks Aquaman for that.

Momoa's comments demonstrate just how important it has become in recent years for actors to be associated with a name-brand character -- even one who has yet to be tested in his own big-budget blockbuster like Aquaman. For his part, Momoa has largely been committed to every major role he’s had so far, and it's likely that he will continue to bring that commitment to subsequent roles he will likely land in the wake of Aquaman's theatrical release.

Source: THR

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