Jason Momoa Recreates Aquaman Justice League Moment For LEGO Movie 2 Teaser

Jason Momoa provides the voice of Lego Aquaman in the San Diego Comic-Con intro for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. Warner Bros. found their live-action Aquaman thanks to the casting of Zack Snyder and are gearing up for him to play a big role. After a brief appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Momoa received more time to play Arthur Curry in Justice League. Momoa is set to truly step into the spotlight with a starring role in Aquaman, set to come out later this year.

While Momoa previously broke out thanks to a role in Game of Thrones, the role of Aquaman has dramatically changed his career. Despite the quality of the films, Momoa has always stood out when he gets to play the future king of Atlantis. He loves the part so much in fact, that he lent his voice to a LEGO form for SDCC.

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During Warner Bros.' Hall H panel this morning at San Diego Comic-Con, Momoa provided the voice of a LEGO version of Aquaman to help intro The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. He appeared alongside a traditional looking Aquaman after his look is questioned by Will Arnett's Batman, but he didn't take to a second Aquaman kindly. Momoa's LEGO Aquaman instead uses him as a surfboard, like the Parademon in Justice League, and even said the "My Man!" line from the film while doing so. While this was used as the intro for the LEGO Movie 2, it isn't clear if it is actually in the movie or not.

Whether this is just a fun gag or actually part of the movie, this is the type of humor that the LEGO movies are known for. Not only does the scene play off of Momoa not looking like a classic version of Arthur Curry in the comics, but also has fun at the expense of WB’s other superhero movies.

The first LEGO Movie was filled with DC characters, most notably Arnett as Batman. Green Lantern (Jonah Hill), Superman (Channing Tatum), and Wonder Woman (Cobie Smulders) were all featured in The LEGO Movie. Even more DC heroes were glimpsed during The LEGO Batman Movie too. Hopefully, this is actually in the movie itself and WB used it because Aquaman was coming up in Hall H not too long after. If not, then this is just a fun gag for those in attendance to experience.

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