Jason Momoa Aquaman Rumor Raises 'Justice League' Casting Questions

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Justice League


As far as DC Comics and Warner Bros.' movie universe goes, we're so far into rumor and speculation right now that the nature and patterns of the rumors are about as valid and significant as the supposed information in the rumor itself. The studio's big 2015 tentpole, Batman vs. Superman, has been a pop-culture focus ever since Ben Affleck's Batman casting was announced, but since the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 it's been the supporting cast of the film that has gotten attention. 

To make long weeks of rumors short: it currently sounds like Batman vs. Superman could end with a big Justice League team cameo - one that could lead into an official Justice League movie, which could potentially be shot back-to-back with BvsS. As such, additional DC superheroes (like Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman) have been expected to make an appearance in the big cameo moment - and since we recently heard that characters like Martian Manhunter are off the table, focus has been on more traditional characters like Green Lantern and Flash. 

However, Aquaman has been a major character in DC's post-millennial movement - including the New 52 Continuity reboot. DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer (and comic book creator) Geoff Johns has maintained vague teases that Aquaman is headed for the mainstream - while fans (and sites like ours) have been expressing more and more confidence that an Aquaman movie could be great.

Now, according to Badass Digest, there is a name attached to the Aquaman role, and its Game of Thrones and Conan star, Jason Momoa.

Momoa has been rumored for Batman vs. Superman for weeks now - but in that same span of time we got confirmation of Dwayne Johnson also auditioning for a part in the DCMU, which naturally led to the assumption that he and Momoa were up for the same role - most likely a brute villain like Doomsday to counter-balance the intellectual threat of Lex Luthor. Since then, rumors shifted to Johnson being up to play heroes like Green Lantern John Stewart and Cyborg, not a brute villain, while Momoa has denied any involvement whatsoever.

Furthermore, certain sites claim to have sources confirming that a character like Aquaman won't be in the BvsS Justice League cameo - which makes Badass Digest's claim that Momoa IS in the film and WILL be playing Aquaman that much harder to believe.

Jason Momoa in 'Tempted'

...That brings us back around to the point about patterns of rumors. Look, at this point it's smart not to believe ANYTHING until we know SOMETHING more solid than we have; but you can look at patterns and make some educated guesses. If Johnson and Momoa were up for the same role, then whomever they were both up for is clearly the version of the character the filmmakers want in their universe.

Doomsday, Cyborg, Aquaman... big Samoan versions would be what we're getting. That's not such a big deal for Doomsday (mo-cap) or Cyborg (a non-white football star in the comics) - but Aquaman?


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Batman vs Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015. Stay tuned as more casting rumors and confirmations are sure to come.

Source: Badass Digest

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