Jason Bourne Featurette: Cast & Crew Talk Treadstone Fight Style

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The Matt Damon-starring spy thriller The Bourne Identity exploded onto the scene in 2002, immediately catching the attention of genre fans. Protagonist Jason Bourne's unconventionally brutal, yet direct, fighting style created a whole new zeitgeist for the action-thriller. Bourne gained a reputation as "the thinking man's spy," and has since spawned two sequels, a Jeremy Renner-starring spinoff, and depending on who you ask, the modern reboot of 007.

After a long wait, Damon is returning to theaters again next week in the aptly titled Jason Bourne. The forgetful hero seems poised to take out the last remaining "Asset" from the Treadstone program that created him, and he's bringing his signature style with him. The film introduces  Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln) as the director of the CIA and Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) as Heather Lee, who appears to be a CIA agent.

Universal Pictures has released a featurette titled "Fight Style" (see above), which explores the Treadstone fighting style that makes Bourne such an effective fighter. "Bourne's style requires a lot of improvising," Damon remarks. "He's always trying to neutralize whatever the other person has, and he'll use found objects." Director Paul Greengrass notes that "It's a style of fighting where you use anything." The video even shows Bourne building a makeshift baton at the drop of a hat with the leg of a chair.

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Damon also promises the new film has stunts that haven't been seen in a movie before. "This movie has the mother of all Treadstone fights. This is the last two guys." Don't worry that this means the end of Bourne, however. Despite Damon's insistence that he wouldn't be returning to the series soon, Universal chairwoman Donna Langley recently said that it was the studio's goal "to keep Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass doing Bourne movies till they can’t do them anymore."

Considering Damon's recent divulgence that Bourne would only have about 25 lines in his own movie, it's looking more and more like Jason Bourne will be a non-stop, action-packed, spy-thriller jamboree. The dearth of dialogue may seem like an ill omen, but it may just serve to streamline a simple plot into a kinetic ride, and emphasize Bourne's lonely emotional state. See Mad Max: Fury Road for an example of this technique working marvelously.

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Jason Bourne opens in U.S. theaters on July 29th, 2016.

Source: Universal Pictures

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