On the heels of a short video showcasing Damon and Greengrass discussing their adoration for the Bourne films, a new television spot for the sequel has debuted on the official Jason Bourne Twitter account. The 30-second clip mainly consists of clips seen in earlier materials, such as the Athens, Greece nighttime riot. Watch it above.

Like the other previews for Jason Bourne, this commercial holds back on revealing too many details about the plot, simply letting Damon’s reprisal of his famous role sell the product on its own. The catalyst for the narrative seems to be Bourne receiving classified information from his former CIA handler Nicky Parsons, but the what and why behind these events are largely unknown. Universal seems to be intentionally keeping key story beats close to the chest (not that we’re complaining), offering only the tiniest of breadcrumbs to get people excited.

jason bourne 2016 matt damon training Jason Bourne TV Spot: We Need The Perfect Weapon

One angle the film potentially is exploring is the concept of the CIA pursuing Bourne not to eliminate him (as has happened thrice before), but to bring him in as an ally of sorts. Alicia Vikander’s character (a CIA employee) remarks that they “need the perfect weapon” to deal with a world that’s at war. Since Bourne is described by Greengrass as the “hundred million dollar weapon,” they could view the spy as a valuable tool to handle their situation. Questions surrounding what brings Bourne back will continue to swirl until the movie comes out, but this would be an interesting development, and even a welcomed one. Having Bourne work with the CIA would be a good way to differentiate Jason Bourne from the previous entries.

The filmmakers are promising that this new movie will be the biggest Bourne yet, and the action teased in the trailers certainly confirms that claim. While thrilling set pieces are a part of the franchise’s DNA, the series is also known for smart substance and character development, so fans will be looking to see if it delivers in those areas as well. Chances are Jason Bourne will; Damon always maintained he would not do another unless the story was right, and the narrative they cracked was so compelling, Damon and Greengrass had to write it themselves. Given how much these films mean to the duo, they most likely handled the script with care and made sure it could live up to its predecessors.

It won’t be much longer until viewers see what they have in store and judge it for themselves. Franchise revivals are one of the current trends in Hollywood, as 2015 saw a number of projects bring back old brands for new audiences successfully. Fingers crossed that Jason Bourne can join those ranks and offer a satisfying completion to the character’s journey.

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Jason Bourne hits theaters July 29, 2016.

Source: Twitter

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