Jason Blum: Happy Death Day 3 Isn't Likely to Happen

Producer Jason Blum says that Happy Death Day 3 isn't very likely to happen, following Happy Death Day 2U's under-performance at the box office. The original Happy Death Day was also produced by Blum and hit theaters back in October 2017. Typically described as a cross between a slasher film and Groundhog Day (a movie that Happy Death Day even name-drops at one point), the horror-comedy starred Jessica Rothe as Tree, a college student who's trapped in a time loop where she's murdered on her birthday, over and over again. The movie was a surprise critical success and earned $125 million at the global box office on a $5 million budget.

With those kind of numbers, it's no wonder a sequel was fast-tracked and released in theaters back in February. The film, which is titled Happy Death Day 2U, wasn't quite as well-received critically as the original movie, but the overall response was still more positive than negative. However, at its current pace, Happy Death Day 2U is likely to end up grossing about half of what its predecessor did in theaters. That doesn't bode well, as far as the chances of Happy Death Day 3 happening are concerned.

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Blum confirmed as much during a Q&A that he conducted on his Twitter account this week. Here's what he had to say, when asked about the odds of Happy Death Day 3 getting made:

While Blum admitted it's "not impossible" that Happy Death Day 3 will happen, the odds aren't really in its favor at the moment. Happy Death Day 2U has already turned a profit thanks to its small $9 million budget, but a fifty percent (or so) drop-off at the box office between films is a bad sign for any franchise. To be fair, the Happy Death Day sequel wasn't the only February release that disappointed commercially in spite of an altogether solid reaction from critics and audiences alike. The LEGO Movie 2 faced even less competition when it hit the scene five days before Happy Death Day 2U, but it too misfired at the box office. For whatever reason - be it a smaller demand than anticipated or marketing campaigns that failed to make the sequels seem fresh and exciting - moviegoers at large just weren't interested in more of these properties right now.

Still, like Blum said, all hope is not lost for Happy Death Day 3. The second installment featured a post-credits scene that set the stage for a third movie and series writer-director Christopher Landon has said that his intention was always to make a Happy Death Day trilogy, so fans will hopefully get to see those plans realized at some point. Blum, for his part, has increasingly moved away from producing sequels for their own sake of late and focused more on developing original projects, like the upcoming horror films Us and Ma. That is to say, he'll probably only sign off on Happy Death Day 3 if he feels that it's something that people are truly interested in.

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Source: Jason Blum

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