15 Scenes That Take You Out Of The Arrowverse

It would've been hard to imagine just how successful Arrow would be when the show began back in 2012. Several years and multiple spin-off's later, the Arrowverse has become the TV equivalent of the MCU. With The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, DC has provided fans with a cohesive universe that's much more bolder and diverse than the MCU. Arrow started out as a story about a moody billionaire hell bent on killing all those he deemed guilty and now it's an ensemble show about a Mayor who moonlights as a costumed vigilante. The Flash's first season revolved around Barry tracking down his mother's killer and now revolves around the many colorful characters of Team Flash and how they deal with powers. Supergirl has become the most political show of the Arrowverse and Legends of Tomorrow, the worst critiqued show of the Arrowverse at the time of its premiere, is now a critic's darling. Suffice it to say, the Arrowverse has continued evolving and remained Must-Watch TV for most comic book fans.

Along the way though, there have been certain scenes that have excited, saddened and even bewildered fans. In no particular order, Here Are 15 Jarring Scenes That Take You Out Of The Arrowverse.

15 When Prometheus Injures His Guards

Prometheus Arrow Season 5 Premiere

After a dull and disappointing fourth season, Arrow's fifth season came back stronger than it had ever been with a solid script, great action and more than that, a phenomenal villain. Prometheus was everything the show needed to rise back from the ashes, with the villain played by Josh Segarra effectively stealing each scene he was in. From convincing a recruit to betray Team Arrow, to starting a killing spree that terrorized all of Star City, Prometheus was quite simply the MVP of Arrow's fifth season. But there was one scene in particular that really showed just how truly psychotic Adrian Chase was. In Season 5's eighteenth episode 'Disbanded', Chase was under protection from US Marshals after blaming Green Arrow for murder. But when the US Marshals are informed that Chase is Prometheus (a.k.a the Throwing Star Killer) he uses a pen to stab one guard's eye and breaks the second one's neck. And if that wasn't enough, he picks the pen up again and stabs him some more before driving off into the night whistling "What a Beautiful Morning." This is easily one of the most violent scenes on Arrow, so bad actually, that the camera was actually made to blur a little while Chase stabs the guard with the pen.

14 When Felicity Stole Iris's Wedding

There's no doubt that Felicity Smoak is one of the smartest people in the Arrowverse. The fast talking hacker is also the main link between the worlds of Arrow and The Flash since she's closer to Barry Allen than anyone from Arrow. Smoak is also shown to be a genuinely nice person and is quite perceptive of the feelings and emotions of others around her. So it comes as a huge surprise that at this year's crossover event Felicity didn't find it odd to interrupt the vows of the people whose wedding she came to attend and then ask for her and Oliver to be married alongside them.

The moment, which occurred in the last scene of the Arrowverse crossover, was weird enough since Barry and Iris were exchanging their vows after the burial of their friend Martin Stein, but Felicity stealing the spotlight from her friends on their important day just made everything so much more awkward.

13 Jimmy Olsen Suddenly Becoming Guardian After His Camera Breaks

Jimmy Olsen as Guardian in Supergirl

For many Supergirl fans, Jimmy Olsen continues to be the worst part of the CW series. Since Olsen's introduction, he's done nothing but play a love interest to the various characters on Supergirl. In Season 2 though, the character was given his own ill advised arc which had him suiting up and becoming the superhero Guardian. Sadly making Olsen a superhero did him no favors especially considering his reasoning for suiting up wasn't all that great either. In a scene in the second season Olsen's camera is broken, which somehow makes him realize that he's tired playing second fiddle to Superman and Supergirl. Had this been something Supergirl had set in motion for some time, it may have made some sense. But Jimmy's sudden desire to become a superhero felt more impulsive than anything else and has shown just how disposable his character is on Supergirl, since he's done relatively nothing since deciding to become a superhero.

12 Zoom Takes Out Everyone In The Room


It's hard to remember a time when the Flash was genuinely fun anymore but the show's freshmen season and much of its sophomore season remained relatively lighthearted. Before the Savitar induced depression that affected the third season, The Flash balanced its cheery tone with strong fearsome villains. Zoom in Season 2 was simply terrifying and there was one scene in particular that captured just how powerful he was. After almost breaking Barry to the limit early on in the season, Zoom shows his might once again in Season 2's 20th episode "Rupture." Finding out that some cops are planning to apprehend him in CC Jitters, Zoom unleashes his wrath on them. Speeding his way past cops and bullets, Zoom manages to break the necks of everyone in the room save for Joe and Captain Singh and a lone camera man. The scene is powerful and jarring, and showed why Zoom was one of the best Arrowverse villains.

11 Black Canary's Ending

Black Canary's death marks the lowest point in Arrow's history. Sure, the show has had truly bad episodes and Season 4 was a mess from start to end, but killing Laurel Lance in Season 4's eighteenth episode was no doubt a truly terrible decision. Laurel Lance was one of the main characters of Arrow since it began. In fact much of the early seasons had been about putting Laurel through the grinder just so her journey to become Black Canary would make sense. So why the writers would think that killing Laurel Lance was the ideal solution to making Arrow great again is something that needs serious consideration. Laurel's death in Arrow not only showed just how lost Arrow had gotten, but it also seemed to be a way to make sure fans knew "Olicity" was the endgame. Needless to say Black Canary's death was the final straw for many fans and it lead to such fierce retaliation from the fans that the showrunner Mark Guggenheim had to apologize for the Olicity storyline that season.

10 The Renaming of Starling City

When Arrow premiered back in 2012, fans of the Emerald Archer were surprised to see that Oliver Queen's city was being called Starling City in the show instead of what it's known as in the comics, Star City. Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim stated that this was because Star City sounded too "science-fiction-y" and they needed the show to be grounded. But since Arrow has progressed over the years, it's apparently become enough science-fiction-y for the show to change the city's name to Star City. In the series fourth season, it's Ray Palmer who comes up with the idea of renaming the city and it's done in order to raise people's morale after surviving two terrorist attacks. And as if the scene where Ray renaming the city wasn't weird enough, the decision to change the name to Star City in honor of Ray Palmer who wasn't a citizen of Starling City was just downright strange.

9 Barry Allen's Giving His Powers To Zoom

The Flash Barry Trapped Zoom

A recurring problem that Arrowverse characters seem to have is that the leads often make idiotic decisions in times of crisis. While Sara and Kara have often acted foolishly, it's the male leads of the Arrowverse who give in to their worst impulses. And while other leads (read: Oliver) frequently commit erroneous mistakes, Barry Allen surprised everyone with his unintelligence when he decides to make a devil with the devil. In Season 2, he agrees to give Zoom his Speed Force in exchange for Wally West. It's important to remember here that Zoom is the fearsome speedster who couldn't be stopped by Barry and Team Flash even with Barry having his powers. So why Barry would think that Zoom wouldn't just kill everyone in the room after Barry gave his powers to him is just unimaginable and indicates that Barry Allen isn't as smart as the show wants us to think he is.

8 Mr. Terrific's Reason For Becoming A Superhero

Wild Dog, Artemis and Mr Terrific in Arrow

Most Arrow fans have a love/hate relationship with Curtis Holt, a.k.a Mr. Terrific. The Olympian is known for his quirky humor as much as he is for his T-balls. Since his introduction in Season 4, Curtis has quickly become part of Team Arrow and proven himself to be quite useful on several occasions. That said, his reason for suiting up in Season 5 leaves a lot to be desired. While searching for Wild Dog in Season 5, Curtis is beaten by a group of street thugs. Thus he comes to Oliver to ask him to train him so he doesn't feel powerless again. Curtis's need to be able to defend himself is certainly justified, but he doesn't really seem to have any interest in suiting up to save lives before that point which makes the scene really bland. His joining the team stems from him wanting to protect himself, which really gives fans pause.

7 Barry Allen Turning Down An Opportunity To Save His Mother, Only To Do It Later

One of the best and most memorable scenes for The Flash fans is when Barry lets his mother die instead of trying to save her, lest he alter time in any way. The scene which occurs in the finale of the show's first season has Barry going back to stop his mother's death from happening. But when Barry time travels back, he realizes that he must put his feelings aside and not meddle with time in case it changes the reality as he knows it. All of this seems very heroic and it would be, had Barry not gone back in time and tried to get his mother back come Season 3. Fast forward to Flashpoint and Barry's subsequent decision to "fix" time at the expense of his parents lives, just so Wally could walk again, made even less sense and still has us scratching our heads.

6 Ray and Kendra's Break Up

There were a lot of flaws in the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but none bigger than the Ray/Kendra romance subplot. Considering that Kendra Saunders realized that she was the re-incarnation of an Egyptian High Priestess, learnt that she had a soul mate and that a psychotic man had been killing her in different lives, all in a year, it would've been nice if the show hadn't complicated her life any further. Instead, Legends of Tomorrow chose to pair her up with Ray Palmer. The two got close on the Waverider but became engaged after spending two years stranded in 1958. The couple made absolutely no sense to the Arrowverse fandom, as they had zero chemistry with each other. It only made things worse when Kendra broke up with Ray as soon as they boarded the Waverider again. Needless to say their break up scene alone justifies why Ray/Kendra relationship is better left in the past.

5 Superman's Lack Of Care For Kara

Supergirl has done a fine job of showing just how much Kara and Clark love each other. The cousins really seem to have a solid bond and Kara is often shown chatting with Clark. That said, Clark doesn't seem to care about Kara's well-being too much. While it's nice that Kal-El trusts Kara to look after herself, one would think that Kara's bloody defeat in public at the hands of Reign would have Clark rushing to see his cousin. Instead, Clark doesn't seem to have even called or texted Kara to make sure that she's alive and well. It's even stranger to think that Kal didn't have enough time to help Supergirl when she was being mercilessly beaten by Reign. What's keeping Superman so busy that he can't check on Kara when she's passed out and bleeding on the street?

4 The Lack Of Attendance At Oliver And Felicity's Wedding

Fans may not have been completely won over by Oliver and Felicity's decision to get married, but Star City was glad to see the Mayor finally tie the knot. With that in mind, it seemed that a lot of people who should've been there didn't bother to come. While it would be difficult for Roy Harper to attend the party, considering he's presumed dead, it still would have been nice if he had dropped in or even called Oliver on his special day. Oliver and Felicity's wedding could have been the perfect occasion to bring back a loved character back to the Arrowverse as well. Walter Steele, the ex-stepfather of Oliver and Thea, is a man that both Queens really looked up to, and considering that Oliver and Walter left things in good terms last they spoke, it's surprising that he wasn't able to make it to the wedding.

3 Music Meister's Mission

When it was announced that The Flash-Supergirl would be having a crossover musical episode, many fans were excited to see the Arrowverse's take on Music Meister. The whacky villain was actually created for an episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold, but his popularity has lead to him appearing in DC comics. At first glance, Arrowverse's version seemed a lot like his comic book counterpart. The villain's plan seemed to be to put the two heroes in a state of hallucination while he attacked Central City on the outside, but, as we found out later in the end, Music Meister was less of a villain and more like a cupid. It turned out that Music Meister was simply an inter dimensional being who was watching Barry and Kara and wanted to better their love lives, and that he had no intention of harming anyone which really made his appearance on the show seem nonsensical.

2 Star City Still Seems Populated

Considering that Star City has faced a terror attack every year, it's crazy to think that there are people who voluntarily choose to live in the city. From the Undertaking and Mirakuru soldiers running amock, to Ra'as and Damian Dahrk's plans to lay the city to waste, Star City isn't the best place to grow up in. Star City also doesn't seem to have any one hero protecting them (like Central City or National City) because as far as Star City is concerned, The Arrow and the current protector of the city, Green Arrow, are two very different people. What's more daunting is that heroes like Black Canary have died protecting the city and others like Wildcat and Speedy have hung up their capes. The law and order situation is also a mess with the SCPD being attacked several times which really doesn't explain why Star City seems to be so densely populated.

1 Eobard Thawne's Strange Confession

Eobard Thawne's strange confession during the Season 2 premiere of The Flash was one of the weirdest things in the show's four year history, and that's including all the doppelgängers and multiple Earths. It seems odd that a villain who worked vociferously to bring down The Flash for years would want to make his life easier in any way whatsoever. But in Season 2's premiere, Barry was presented with a video in which Thawne, posing as Wells, confesses to the murder of Nora Allen, finally emancipating Henry Allen. The reason he gave for helping Barry out in the video is Thawne's belief that Barry's greatest enemy was Barry himself. But it comes across as a very transparent attempt from the show runners to bring Henry Allen back in the picture. More than that, it contradicts the version of Thawne that we know from Season 1 as Barry Allen's greatest enemy.


What weird Arrowverse scenes were you surprised by?

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