'Suicide Squad': Jared Leto Recreates 'Killing Joke' Joker Photo

Batman Killing Joke Joker Jared Leto

Initially one of Warner Bros.' most surprising announcements, Suicide Squad has become one of 2016's most anticipated films - as well as one of the most talked about entries in DC's upcoming film slate. At first the idea of a villain team-up seemed to be a strange fit for the studio - given that they are still establishing the DCMU (DC Movie Universe) through superhero face-offs/team-ups. However, as more details have been released, it's clear that Suicide Squad isn't just an antihero heist film, but an essential building block in the larger Justice League storyline - one that should introduce a number of key players as well as set the stage for future appearances by iconic baddies.

Still, the most surprising aspect of the production is actually one of the film's side players: the all new Joker (played by Academy Award winner Jared Leto). For months fans (and skeptics) have speculated on exactly what the actor will look like in character and, recently, Leto began his transformation into the Clown Prince of Crime (by cutting his hair and, reportedly, putting on muscle). Now, thanks to director David Ayer (Fury), we're getting our first glimpse at what Leto will look like in the iconic role.

Following other behind-the-scenes shots from the Suicide Squad production, Ayer has now unveiled our best glimpse at the Joker so far - with a playful recreation of the classic Batman/Joker story "The Killing Joke".

Check out the photo below:

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