SR Geek Picks: Jar-Jar Binks Dies, Megan Fox in 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' & More


Call of Duty Ghosts & Megan Fox - Watch Thru Game Trailer

Norwood & David Lacey check out the epic, live-action, Megan Fox starring, James Mangold directed trailer for Call of Duty Ghosts. The game hits the streets November 5th.


Ender's Game Expert Interview

Norwood sits down with an Ender's Game "expert" for the lowdown on the series of books and how it may or may not translate to the big screen. *SPOILER ALERT*


Anna Faris' Gravity Audition Reel

Anna Faris got THISCLOSE to starring in Gravity. Frankly, we blame her George Clooney stand-in.


Velma Cosplay 

Velma Cosplay

Photographer Thymehadder Photography had this to say about this photo shoot...

"I have been a Scooby Doo fan for as long as I can remember and have had a nerd crush on Velma for just as long. So imagine my complete excitement when Ms. Jennifer Ravensong decided to help me fulfill my dream of doing a Velma Shoot. While a seemingly simple cosplay, it did take quite a lot of effort to put it together. From dying the top and socks, and making the skirt out of another dress, it became more of a build then just putting things together. But in the end, I think the whole thing came out beautiful."

Model: J Ravensong Productions

Photographer: Erik Thymehadder of Thymehadder Photography - facebook


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