New Japanese Watchmen Trailer = More Awesomeness

After seeing the Japanese version of the Watchmen trailer I have to ask myself: is all the best stuff getting outsourced overseas these days?

Seriously though, this latest (and by far greatest) version of the Watchmen trailer gave me chills. You gotta check it out.

It's funny how the Japanese trailer goes the extra distance of firmly establishing Watchmen's setting, namely the skewed 1980's timeline in which Richard Nixon is perma-president, the Cold War threatens to go hot at any moment, and world annihilation seems just a tick of the doomsday clock away. (Basically all the background information they didn't think American audiences could handle until the final trailer drops.)


What new stuff I saw in the Japanese version just made me want to see this flick all the more. Zack Snyder seems to have captured the essence of Watchmen, while still managing to put his own unique stamp on it. I really like the color tones and cinematography of the film; they've managed to translate Dave Gibbons' imagery beautifully. I cannot wait for this movie to hit a theater near me!

(P.S., did you catch the shot of The Comedian holding a sniper rifle? Was that a grassy knoll he was standing on? Cause if it was, I'm digging the fact that the movie is delving into territory the graphic novel only hinted at!)

Bottom line: Fox needs to stop messing with this movie. Watchmen is in the top five of just about everyone's list of most anticipated movies of 2009. If Fox can't find a amiable resolution to this lawsuit against Warner Bros. in time to have Watchmen in theaters as scheduled on March 6, 2009, there are going to be PROBLEMS. (I'm not saying, I'm just saying.)

Source: Latino Review

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