SR Pick [Video]: Japanese Spider-Man

Japanese Spider-Man

In what may be the single greatest television show of all time, Japanese Spider-Man presents the web-slinger like never before. Produced by the Toei Company in 1978, everything from the title sequence to the bizarre full episode is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Japanese television has been the source of plenty of strange shows, but this is right up there. With respect to the hard work put into such a project, it's difficult not to laugh.

First of all, the plot of Japanese Spider-Man needs to be dissected: rather than the traditional tale of a high school boy bitten by a spider, this show presents robots, magic bracelets, motocross and space aliens. The motocross scene in the episode is so awful it reminds me of a scene from Andy Samberg's Hot Rod.

Most importantly, the title sequence is one of the most profoundly inexplicable displays of awesome ever conceived for entertainment. Read the awesome lyrics to the theme song for Japanese Spider-Man below:

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, wow/ Yeah, yeah, yeah, wow/ Between the dark valleys of buildings, Spiderman!/ Eyes sparkle with the flash of anger, Spiderman!/ Giving up peace, giving up everything/ Chasing evil through the skies/ Change Leopardon!/ Why do you, Why do you/ Choose to continue to fight, risking your own life?/ With only one goal/ With only one goal/ The invincible man, Spiderman!/ Spiderman!"

Words cannot describe the level of awe I have for this show. While the title sequence would be enough to make an SR Pick, we've got an entire episode for you to enjoy. It really does have it all and redefines everything you know about Spider-Man.

I'd love to know what Stan Lee thinks of this adaptation of Spider-Man. Maybe director Marc Webb will stumble upon it on his research for the Spider-Man reboot. It would serve as an interesting influence to say the least. I still say Andrew Garfield is a better choice than Japanese Spidey Shinji Todo.

I'm still laughing about this episode. It never gets old, especially the theme song. It's been stuck in my head all day and I fear you won't shake the song yourself.

What did you think of Japanese Spider-Man? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you want more info on this bizzare series, go HERE (it's definitely worth the history lesson).

Source: West Word

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