January Jones in Emma Frost Costume on X-Men: First Class Set

Tahyna Tozzi played her in X-Men Origins: Wolverine; Rosamund Pike was rumored to play her in X-Men: First Class; Alice Eve was actually going to play her in X-Men: First Class but dropped out, leaving room for Mad Men's January Jones to take on the role of Emma Frost in Twentieth Century Fox's franchise prequel.

Production on X-Men: First Class began about a week ago in England and today INF Daily spotted the mutant on set in between shooting scenes, taking photos and walking with her stunt double. Also known as the White Queen, you can check out January Jones' character in costume below.

It's hard to tell from these, but Emma looks more like a classic Bond villain - remember, it is based in the 1960s - rather than the White Queen comic readers are familiar with. You know, the one who wears the more "designer" clothes. Relax, she's outdoors so wait and see.

It's hard to get get excited about these images alone but some of the backgrounds at least give you an idea of the 1960s era sets we'll see. They're just set pictures so don't judge just yet. Check them out and click to enlarge:


While Mad Men fans are happy to see January pick up the major mutant role, I thought Alice Eve was the better choice by far but hopefully she'll get her chance at playing a Marvel superhero in Fantastic Four if they can get that off the ground.

As for X-Men: First Class, fans are eager and cautious about the prequel since the last two X-Men films were not hits with critics and a big portion of the fanbase. Add in the casting confusion and the fact that Bryan Singer and director Matthew Vaughn are taking a big risk with First Class, putting it into the 1960s setting and disregarding any relation to the X-Men: First Class comic or its characters, and many don't know what to expect.

Hopefully we get some pics of the mutant in their classic old school X-Men costumes for which Bryan Singer explained would be a part of the movie.

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X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011.

Source: INF Daily

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