10 Movies We're Looking Forward To: January 2013

January Preview - A Haunted House

For a lot of people, the Scary Movie films put the parody sub-genre back on the map and reinvigorated the careers of several of the Wayans brothers. And while this month's A Haunted House is missing many of the key pieces that made the first Scary Movie a runaway success, it still carries a similar spirit and at least one Wayans brother.

Riffing on the current found-footage and paranormal crazes (something we highlighted earlier) the film attempts to parody, most exclusively, the Paranormal Activity series - though there are nods towards other found-footage films like The Devil Inside. And unlike many of the more recent Scary Movie films, A Haunted House has the added bonus of an R-rating, which arguably led to greater success for the first two Scary Movie installments.

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