Jane The Virgin: The 10 Worst Things Petra Ever Did

From its inception, Jane the Virgin pitted the protagonist against the villainous Petra Solano (Yael Grobglas). It was a classic telenovela blonde versus brunette scenario. But Petra was never a one-dimensional villain. She had layers and nuances that made the audience root for her time and again, no matter how much bad she did.

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Petra grew into a better person over the course of five seasons through her friendship with Jane. But she still did plenty of terrible things before — and sometimes even after — turning a new leaf. Here are 10 of the worst things Petra Solano ever did.

10 Artificial Insemination Attempt No. 1

In the very first episode, Jane accidentally gets artificially inseminated. But Petra was the intended receiver of that insemination. She went behind her husband's back and went to her sister-in-law Luisa to do the deed.

Though the plan backfired due to Luisa's distraught state of mind, Petra's actions still stand. She deceived Rafael and manipulated Luisa to get her way. Of course, it was all in the name of love in trying to keep Rafael from divorcing her. Petra would say she was only fighting for her family.

9 Holding Ivan Hostage

While Ivan was not a good guy either, Petra holding him hostage to keep her mother out of jail and away from the suspicious eyes of Michael didn't make the situation better. Most people say that two wrongs don't make a right, but Petra is a realist.

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When it's a choice between a bad situation and worse one, she'll choose the lesser of two evils. Besides, she was a gracious host and kept Ivan in relative comfort. As far as hostage situations go, he could have had it worse.

8 Cheated With Roman Zazo

As Petra played the role of the wife who only wanted her family to remain intact with her, Rafael and the baby, she secretly carried on an affair with her husband's best friend. When Michael found out he promised to keep her indiscretion secret if she promised to end it immediately.

But she couldn't keep her promise and carried on with Roman behind everyone's back only to end up a suspect in the case of his murder. Petra learned the hard way that cheaters never prosper.

7 Upheld Magda's Innocence in Alba's Accident

When Alba remembers the details of her fall down the stairs at the Marbella, she tells Jane that it was Magda, Petra's mother, who pushed her. Jane confronts Petra who is adamant that her mother is wheelchair-bound and incapable of such an act.

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Although Jane has never lied to Petra and Magda has done nothing but lie to her, she has her mother's back. Petra upholds her mother's innocence not so much out of loyalty but out of preservation. Also, she does so a little out of spite for Jane.

6 Artificial Insemination Attempt No. 2

When Petra learns that the clinic still has one sample left of Rafael's sperm she takes advantage of their outdated records and claims it as his wife. With a little help from a turkey baster, she inseminates herself as a final ditch attempt to keep Rafael in her life.

This moment proves how far Petra is willing to go to get what she wants. But ultimately her plan worked, and she ended up with twin girls and a co-parent to raise them with. Perhaps she wasn't as crazy as most thought.

5 Left Lachlan for Rafael

Petra was originally engaged to Lachlan as she and Magda schemed for her to find a rich husband to keep the two Czech women stable and financially supported. But then Rafael walked in and Magda saw he was a bigger catch.

Petra's mother convinced her to call off the engagement with Lachlan and instead marry Rafael. She kept playing games and using people at the manipulation of her mother but in the end, it was still Petra who decided to follow along.

4 Baby Custody Battle

When she sees Rafael slipping out of her grasp Petra goes to her lowest and blackmails him using custody of Jane's baby as leverage. She's so desperate to cling to the life she found and wants that she's willing to use the wellbeing of an infant as the ace up her sleeve.

It's a moment that paints Petra in the worst light as she uses people as pawns in a game only she is playing. Threatening sole custody of a child is especially heinous though.

3 Killed Anezka and Lied About It

In a moment of rage with a desire to protect her daughters, Petra pushes her evil twin over a balcony, leaving her to fall to her death. Jane Ramos, JR, comes into the picture as the lawyer who can get her off for the crime.

Petra unexpectedly falls in love with JR but that doesn't stop her from lying about her part in her sister's death. The lie causes a rift so devastating that Petra must learn to live without JR for a time as the lawyer leaves Florida altogether.

2 Falsely Accused Rafael of Domestic Abuse

As Petra and Rafael go through a divorce she decides to make his life a living hell in an attempt to keep his wealth. Magda punches her daughter and leaves her with a black eye.

Petra uses the mark as evidence to accuse Rafael of domestic abuse. It's a moment where her actions don't just hurt the one she loves but undermines the real-life trauma actual victims of abuse undergo every day. This scenario of crying wolf doesn't make Petra a sympathetic character at all.

1 Moved Scott's Corpse Over a Few Inches

After years of growth and becoming better Petra falls into old habits when the corpse of her former employee Scott shows up along the shoreline of the Marbella and Fairwick hotels.

Afraid that another death associated with the Marbella will end of the business, she nudges the body over a few inches so that the investigation is focused on Chuck Chesser's hotel instead. She never accounted for falling for the lewd and rough Fairwick hotel owner though. Her actions end up hurting another romantic prospect, leaving her alone once more.

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