The CW Developing Jane the Virgin Spinoff

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The CW's hit TV series Jane the Virgin is coming to a close, but a spinoff is in the works at the network. The comedic, meta-take on a telenovela (based on an actual telenovela) has delighted audiences since it first began airing in 2014. Following the eponymous Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) - who discovers she's been accidentally artificially inseminated - on her journey through pregnancy, a love triangle involving her baby daddy, Raphael Solano, and much more, the series is set to conclude with its fifth season, premiering in early 2019.

Leading up to its official cancellation, there were many hints that Jane the Virgin wouldn't continue beyond Season 5. The characters and the very cheeky narrator often make meta jokes that relate back to the series, and this was no exception. Additionally, Gina Rodriguez and creator Jennie Snyder Urman have indicated as such in interviews. And with the return of her formerly-assumed-deceased husband, Michael Cordero, the show will come full circle with a final conclusion to the Jane-Michael-Raphael love triangle.

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Now, news of a spinoff to the Golden Globe-winning series is bound to excite fans. Variety reports that the as-yet-untitled series is in development, with Snyder Urman, Rodriguez, and several others on board to executive producer the show. Valentina Garza, a writer and producer for the current series, is at the helm. Garza's producing credits also include animated series The Simpsons and Bordertown.

Though no real details have been made public at this time, sources have revealed that it will be in an anthology format ala American Horror Story. Though none of Jane the Virgin's popular characters are set to appear, the subject of each season will come from a novel as written by Jane, making this the tie-in. Rodriguez could potentially narrate this, though there's no official word on that either.

Jane's writing, which has come into play many times in the show as she pens novels and attends graduate school, has already been tested with audiences, in a way. Her novel, Snow Falling, which is based on her relationship with Michael, was actually written and is available for purchase. As the series has progressed, Jane has continued her writing, so there's the potential for many new novels to exist. All are romance-focused, with a bit of a dramatic telenovela air, so the general format and subject matter will likely help tie the seasons together. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how this new venture maintains the essence of the original.

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Source: Variety

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