Jane The Virgin Season 3 Finale Explained

jane the virgin season 3 finale

Here’s a recap of the season 3 finale of Jane The Virgin. The CW’s Miami set, telenovela-inspired series burst onto TV screens back in 2014 and introduced viewers to titular heroine Jane Villanueva who, in season 1, improbably finds herself pregnant despite being a virgin due to a mishap with a sperm sample at an ob/gyn appointment. Over the next few seasons, Jane The Virgin treated viewers to plenty more preposterous telenovela type drama – love triangles, evil twins and characters coming back from the dead included.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and Jane The Virgin aired its fifth and final season in mid-2019. On the upside, the makers of Jane The Virgin knew the show was coming to an end so gave it a great send-off and tied up some loose plot threads nicely. In celebration of the show’s five-season run, let’s take a look back at the events of Jane The Virgin’s season 3 finale.

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Big changes were afoot for Jane Villanueva and her crew during season 3 of Jane The Virgin. By the midseason point, Jane’s husband Michael died due to complications caused by being shot by Sin Rostro at the end of season 2. Following Michael’s death, there was a three-year time jump into the future that saw Jane co-parenting a four-year-old Mateo with Rafael and getting a book publishing deal. In the season 3 finale, Jane spent most of the episode trying to ensure her parents Xo and Rogelio had the perfect wedding day as just about every obstacle got thrown in their way. Not only did a hurricane threaten to ruin their big day, but Darci also showed up heavily pregnant with Rogelio’s child. Nevertheless, Jane manages to pull together a beautiful wedding and her parents eventually tied the knot.

jane the virgin season 3 wedding

Elsewhere in Jane The Virgin's season 3 finale, Jane’s baby daddy Rafael was being put through the wringer. Petra broke up with him and he later ends up being held at gunpoint by her evil twin sister Anežka and Rafael’s sister Luisa is out of jail. Understandably mad at Rafael lying about having cancer and knowing their father will exclude him, Luisa kicks him out of The Marbella hotel.

A sweet subplot saw Jane on the hunt for a love letter Michael wrote for her prior to them getting married in season 2. She searches everywhere, including the apartment they used to live in, even convincing the couple that live there to let her look under their loose floorboards, but to no avail. Luckily for Jane, the couple contacts the person that lived in the apartment before them who had the letter all along and she gets to read some beautiful words from her late husband. Of course, this is Jane The Virgin and the season had to end on some kind of cliffhanger, which came when Jane discovered the person who had the love letter was none other than her very first love Adam Alvaro.

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