Jane The Virgin: 5 Reasons She Should Have Ended Up With Michael (5 It Should Have Been Rafael)

From 2014 until 2019, Jane the Virgin told the story of Jane Villanueva, a Latina, a writer, a young woman, a daughter, a granddaughter and a virgin who was artificially inseminated after a unique series of events (making her a mother as well).

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While this rom-com series made fans laugh, cry and gasp over and over, one of the best parts about it was the love story. Throughout a good portion of the series, Jane was involved in a love triangle with Rafael Solano and Michael Cordero Jr. It's time to look at five reasons Jane should have ended up with Michael and five that it should have been Rafael.

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10 Michael: He’s A Truly Good Guy 

The top reason that Jane the Virgin fans who are #TeamMichael were always rooting for this relationship is because Michael is the best guy, a decent human being, and a sweetheart. He has a calm and gentle personality, and he would do anything for the loved ones in his life.

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Even when he was dealing with the stress of his job and of Jane’s pregnancy, he stayed a good guy. It makes sense that Jane was drawn to him and that she would want such a supportive and caring presence in her life. 

9 Raf: He’s Mateo's Father

After Jane was accidentally artificially inseminated, she found out that Rafael was the father of the child. Of course, there are adoptive parents, step-parents, foster parents and so on, but many were rooting for Jane and Raf to end up together since they were having a child together, including their son, Mateo.

He wanted his mom and dad to be together, and there is nothing like a parent’s love. He was always going to be involved in Jane’s life, and people who were #TeamRaf knew this was what was meant to be. 

8 Michael: A Fairy Tale 

Due to the nature of the show and how Jane’s brain worked, the story is a big part of this love triangle. And it's safe to say that Jane and Michael's love story is a fairy tale. From their first kiss, with the snow falling in the background, to the book she wrote and how he got his memory back, these two had such a romantic relationship that gave fans all the feels.

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It could definitely be argued that since Jane was so into the genre of romance, she should have chosen Michael, even in the end. 

7 Raf: A Dramatic Story

On the other hand, Jane’s relationship with Raf is dramatic and charged, and it brought all the passion and excitement that is seen in telenovelas. While Jane was a fan of these types of TV shows, she didn’t know what she was missing out on until she got involved with Rafael.

He's a bit of a bad boy with a bit of a past. Their beginning was anything but traditional. And they come from different worlds. Despite all of that, the unpredictability and drama appealed to many fans of this series and this relationship.  

6 Michael: He Understands Jane

As mentioned, Michael is a sweetheart, and part of that is that he understands Jane. They were super compatible, and he was able to tell what she needed and what she was thinking. This says a lot since there is always so much craziness going on within this story.

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He understands her on a deep level, and that made them mesh in an extreme way, giving her the stability that she craved so often. In short, it was easy for these two to be together, and it seemed to make sense. 

5 Raf: He Pushes Jane

Raf and Jane, on the other hand, don't always understand each other. They were raised in different ways, they have different opinions about a lot of things, and their opposing qualities could lead to fights. However, because Rafael sees things in a different way, he is able to push Jane.

He says things that challenge her to have a different perspective, to shake things up and to try something new. While this was not always comfortable, Jane needed that at times, respected it and came to crave and expect that from him. 

4 Michael: Shared Interests 

On a similar note, Michael and Jane have lots in common. They both come from modest but loving homes. They both like eating Cubanos. And their personalities and their chemistry made making decisions, living life and being in a relationship an easy and a smooth and an effortless and a simple thing.

While Raf brought in a whole new dynamic (privileged upbringing, playboy tendencies, varying thoughts on raising Mateo, etc.), being with Michael was always a decision that made sense for Jane… until the end, when everything changed, of course. 

3 Raf: Financial Stability 

Speaking of a privileged upbringing… Money is not the most important thing in the world, and Jane made it clear several times that it was not super important to her. However, Raf’s financial support was definitely appreciated and needed.

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From the day-to-day costs that come with having a baby (like hospital charges, diapers, food, a crib, and a stroller) to more luxurious buys (such as putting Mateo in karate class), Jane enjoyed the help here. Even after Rafael found out the truth about his father and left the hotel, these two always worked super hard to provide for Mateo. 

2 Michael: He Was Her First True Love

As this debate wraps up, here is a final and a good reason that people should have been and maybe still should be #TeamMichael: He was Jane’s first true love. Yes, she had a crush on Sam and even wanted to marry Adam, but remember the fairy tale...

The way Jane and Michael met, the way their relationship made sense, the way these two were still married when - SPOILER ALERT - it was revealed that Michael was still alive… There is a history here, and they will always love each other, and those who agree will always hope and wish for a rewrite that puts them back together again. 

1 Raf: He Was Her Last True Love 

And here is a final and a good reason that people should have been and still should be #TeamRaf: he was Jane’s last true love! The first time they talked, back in the day, she was able to say out loud that she was a writer, which is something he reminded her of often. After they were brought back together, due to that insemination, they realized they had feelings for each other.

There was a wedding, there were other love interests, there were losses and fights and so much crazy-good drama… but through it all, they are connected, and they are meant to be, as seen with that perfect series finale. 

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