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    Jane the Virgin - Jane in Love

    As Jane the Virgin's fifth and final season is entering its home stretch, we can't help but be nostalgic. This Golden Globe-winning series has reeled us in over the last few years and captured our hearts. We've become enthralled in the lives of Jane and the Villanueva family. It's hard not to. In fact, we're really going to miss Alba's go-to advice, Xo's zest for life, and Rogelio's exaggerated, dramatic spirit. Not to mention Jane herself and her dramatic, crazy life.

    Jane Villanueva has been through a lot. She is also a romantic, who loves dreaming about, well, love. And she's had her fair share of experiences trying to find the right guy. Just for fun, in honor of Jane's upcoming final decision, we're taking a look at some of her previous decisions that haven't really panned out very well. Here are all of Jane's romantic interests on the show, ranked from worst to best.

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  • 8 / 8
    Jane the Virgin - Dax the computer guy

    This guy was probably the worst of them all. In season 2, episode 10, "Chapter Thirty-Two," Mateo spills juice on Jane's computer and she takes it to get fixed. That's when we meet Dax. At first, he comes across as a little sarcastic. He reminds Jane that everyone tells him their lost files are important and that he hears this all the time.

    In the beginning, Dax is an attractive and somewhat charming computer guy. Then, he invites her to the skateboard park and things take a downward turn. Jane accidentally skateboards into a ramp and hurts herself. Then, what turns out to be a cute moment where Dax patches up Jane's knee actually turns out to be the part where Jane finds out he has a girlfriend. What a jerk.

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  • 7 / 8
    Jane the Virgin - Dennis Chambers

    While he seems like a nice guy, Dennis is actually kind of a jerk too. Who tries to go out with their dead partner's widow? Sure, he was understanding to Jane's situation and tried to help her through it, but still. He is the first person who Jane goes on a date with after Michael's death, and it turns out she was really not ready for that. Part of Jane also kept wondering if he was just dating her to re-live his friendship with Michael, and it could have easily also been the other way around.

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    Ultimately, these two were not good for each other and should never have gotten together. He can be a nice guy, widow dating aside, but he's just not really compatible for Jane. We're also wondering if Michael is going to find out about this now that he's come back from the dead, and how that would impact him.

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  • 6 / 8
    Jane the Virgin - Sam

    While we don't really know that much about this particular romantic interest, we do know that he seemed like he was a great match for Jane. However, we just can't rank him very high because we don't really know him that well. She had a massive crush on him for, according to Jane, 17 months. And that crush only ended because Michael came into the picture. Sam was a fellow book nerd, just like Jane, which is an ideal mate for her.

    He was also really attractive, nice, and supportive of her writing interests. He originally asked Jane out at the same time that Michael did, which seems to be the origin of Jane's constant involvement in love triangles. On their way to their first date at a book reading, Michael pulls them over because he's discovered that Jane lied to him about not being able to make their date. She'd told him she was sick. So, being the nice guy Michael is, he'd brought her soup. That's when the lies fell apart. It's also when Jane's crush on Sam fell apart.

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  • 5 / 8
    Jane the Virgin - Professor Chavez

    This was a great match for Jane because she could actually speak with someone with a similar intellectual background as her. Despite the rocky start to their professional relationship, we began to see that Professor Chavez actually had good intentions and a unique approach that would help Jane develop as a writer. He was also super suave and attractive. On top of his good looks, he taught Jane a lot about becoming independent and opening up to new ideas.

    However, the weird professor-and-student vibe can be a little sketchy. Jane also learned that he had a habit of dating students, which isn't really a good look for this guy. Later, Jane learns to look at this relationship with a different perspective and realized just how questionable it really was. At the time, she was dazzled by the idea of a romance with an older, intelligent man. But she eventually realizes that the power dynamics weren't right. Turns out not losing her virginity to him was the best choice she could make.

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  • 4 / 8
    Jane the Virgin - Fabian

    At this point in her life, Jane really just wanted a no-strings relationship, but Fabian wanted more. It started out as a favor for Jane, where they went on a fake date in order for Jane to gain more Twitter followers. But then Jane realized that this attractive man was constantly shirtless and could fulfill some of her sexual desires. As a boyfriend, he was loving, doting, and genuinely not afraid of commitment. But all of that was really just on the outside. Fabian's true colors came through very quickly.

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    In reality, he was a selfish and shallow human being who just couldn't handle Jane not wanting a relationship with him. So when she tried to break up with him, he freaked out and caused a scene. Then he got really bitter and tried to sabotage her book launch party. How immature. He also called Jane a slut. In front of her dad.

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  • 3 / 8
    Jane the Virgin - Adam

    Adam was a fun-loving comic book artist, dreamer, and romance enthusiast. It turned out that Adam and Jane had actually gotten engaged back in 2010, as teenagers, until that was squashed by Alba and Xo. Then, when fate brought them back together, they decided to give things another shot. He even played Jane's romantic song on his guitar.

    Okay, so Adam was a really cool guy, but he was pretty immature. He was certainly not long-term relationship material, but he brought out a great side of Jane. This guy was creative, artistic, and knew how to have fun. As a result, Jane started to be able to let loose a little bit and explore her more carefree side. However, he wasn't really sure that dating someone with a kid was right for him. As we know, Mateo is the most important thing in Jane's life. She needs someone who will support him, and Adam was never that person. He ends up breaking Jane's heart when he has to make a decision between her and his career. It's not done out of malice, which is why he's still ranked really high.

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  • 2 / 8
    Jane the Virgin - Rafael Solano

    Rafael is a fan favorite, but we can't forget how much of a jerk he was in the first few seasons. In the beginning, he was just a player whose life revolved around being rich. Once all his money went away, he had to learn how to be a different person.

    Eventually, he learned that money isn't everything. He also learned the true nature of his feelings for Jane. The guy worked hard to find a job that paid well enough for Jane to be able to stay home and write. Now, that is a real sacrifice for love. Of course, he is also Jane's baby daddy, so that is a pretty big factor. However, the problem with Rafael is that his and Jane's relationship is always up and down. Right now, it seems to be very down. Raf is not happy with Jane's decisions. Rightfully so – the two have ended up in the same Jane-Michael-Rafael love triangle they were in for years.

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  • 1 / 8
    Jane the Virgin - Jane and Michael

    Oh, Michael. Jane's true soulmate. Of course, things are quite different now, and Jane has had four years to get over him after believing he was dead. Things aren't really the same, and there is a lot more complexity going on with Rafael now, but Michael will always be Jane's number one.

    He's also dealt with a lot out of pure love for Jane. First, he had to deal with the accidental pregnancy by another man. Then, it was the Michael and Rafael love triangle. And his parents hated Jane. On top of all that, he held out dating her for years knowing she wanted to wait to lose her virginity. Even after the pregnancy. He risked his life to protect Jane and Mateo, even when Jane was with Rafael. Dealing with Sin Rostro while watching Jane be with Rafael wasn't easy for him. But the thing about Michael is that he would probably do it all over again if it meant being with her. He's that kind of guy.

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