Jane Eyre Trailer is a Dark and Moody Classic

Jane Eyre trailer starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender

Since 1910, twenty-one different versions of Jane Eyre have graced the big and small screen. The story about a girl growing up in the Victorian era by 19th Century novelist Charlotte Bronte is a classic tale that speaks to the morality of right and wrong - and provides a criticism on society that still ring true today.

Today, we've got a new trailer for the twenty-second interpretation of Jane Eyre - which features an especially dark and moody take on the story.

Next spring, director Cary Fukunaga (Sin Nombre) – whose filmography includes mostly short and indie films up to this point – teams up with Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class) to try his hand at retelling the timeless story.

Bronte’s novel was originally in five acts - following the intrepid young lady, Jane, as a child growing up at Gateshead, her education at the Lowood School, her time as governess at Thornfield Hall, her time spent with the Rivers family, and ending with her reunion with Mr. Rochester.

Judging by the trailer, Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre seems to follow the novel closely and while, at times, that can be a problem, it appears as though Fukunaga's strict interpretation might pay-off:

Watch the trailer in HD HERE.

Jane Eyre stars Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell (The Eagle), Imogen Poots (Centurion), and Dame Judi Dench (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) as Mrs. Fairfax. The screenplay was written by Moira Buffini whose most recent offering, Tamara Drewe, received respectable marks in our review by Mike Eisenberg. It appears that Buffini and Fukanaga are using the darker side of Jane Eyre to share their view on the story.

Mia Wasikowska looks to be brilliant as Jane and Michael Fassbender could solidify himself as a serious dramatic actor in the role of the unscrupulous Edward Rochester.

Mia Wasikowska stars as Jane Eyre

With few exceptions, when translating a modern novel by authors such as Dan Brown (Angels and Demons), Tom Clancy (Patriot Games), or Stephen King (Pet Sematary), writers and directors must make heavy changes to the story and dialogue for a film to work. That isn’t the case for classic novels where following the story almost precisely usually results in a much better movie – the one exception to this would be J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Although the mere mention of reading Jane Eyre usually causes most guys to turn their noses up, I was required to read it for an 11th grade assignment – and I’m glad I finished it. There are timeless tales out there by the likes of Dickens, Melville, Twain, Carroll, Orwell, Tolstoy, Hemingway, and countless others that all lend themselves well to multiple retellings in various formats (film, stage, TV) and Jane Eyre is certainly one of them.

Jane Eyre tells a dark tale in theaters March 11th, 2011.

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