Jamie Lee Curtis Wraps Filming On Halloween (2018)

Jamie Lee Curtis has been sending regular social media updates from the set of the upcoming Halloween sequel, but her latest post suggests that she's already wrapped filming. Her latest post sees the actress giving thanks to the people and businesses of Charleston, as well as indicating she's done with her part of the sequel's principal photography.

Halloween was supposed to start rolling cameras in October 2017, but the film's production was pushed back to 2018. Halloween finally started shooting in January in Charleston, SC. Director David Gordon Green is working from the script that he co-wrote with Danny McBride, with Blumhouse Productions backing the project. With the plot acting as a direct sequel to John Carpenter's original 1978 film, Halloween (2018) will ignore all the other entries in the franchise, including 2002's Halloween: Resurrection, which saw Laurie Strode (Curtis) killed in a disappointing manner by Michael Myers. So, fans of the classic slasher were understandably thrilled when Curtis announced her participation in the Halloween sequel.

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Curtis started shooting her scenes for Halloween only two weeks ago, and now a new Instagram post indicates that she's already done filming. In the caption of her photo, she states that she's now leaving Charleston, and she thanks all of her new friends and the many stores she visited while in the city, from the local hair salon to the clothes shop. Take a look:

So sad to leave all my new friends in Charleston. Thanks to @kuduchs for the friendship and morning noon and night caffeination and carbohydrates, @hajsalon for my much-needed wash and trim, @dogwashcharleston for my little dog’s much-needed wash and trim, the stylish folks @hampdenclothing for my new kicks and mostly to everyone @thedewberrycharleston for their hospitality and elegant, comfortable care. #halloweenmovie @halloweenmovie

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Although Curtis could possibly still be involved in further non-location work or reshoots, and sequences could be filmed out of order, the very brief filming schedule has alarmed a few fans who have expressed their concerns online. Some have deduced that Laurie may have very little screen time as a result and are worried that this means the character may be quickly killed off. But it's impossible to read any real significance into her departure until more details around the film are known, and any thoughts along those lines are purely conjecture. However, it may well be that a significant portion of the movie will focus on Laurie's immediate family, rather than herself. Her daughter (Karen Strode played by Judy Greer) and granddaughter (Allyson played by Andi Matichak) could well be the target of The Shape's attention this time around.

With Curtis having wrapped her scenes so quickly, at the very least this shows that the production is running smoothly. All indications so far seem to point to the fact that, beyond the presence of Curtis herself, the cast and crew really want to make this a worthy successor to the original. Carpenter has been fully involved from the start, and even the original Michael Myers is along for the ride. Hopefully, the long awaited rematch between Laurie Strode and The Shape in Halloween (2018) will be the highlight of this years Halloween season... and a great addition to the franchise.

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