Robin Hood: Origins Casts Jamie Foxx as Little John

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A good story told well can stand the test of time again and again. Far from an exaggeration, this statement has proven true whether it’s from classics of literature like Macbeth and Oliver Twist, or newer fare such as Batman, James Bond, or the rebel forces of Star Wars. Stories that pit heroes versus villains, see them saving damsels in distress and living happily ever after might sound clichéd, but in truth they are the foundation of so much of what modern audiences still pay to see in cinemas the world over. Perhaps more than any other, one story has stayed true to this formula since the dawn of Hollywood and continues to be remade even today – the story of Robin Hood.

Yes, apparently it’s once again time for a return to the big screen courtesy of the man who famously stole from the rich in order to give to the poor. Lionsgate’s Robin Hood: Origins will head into production either late this summer or fall, and among its confirmed cast thus far is Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

Foxx will join Robin Hood’s band of Merry Men as Little John – a former foe to Robin Hood during The Crusades, when the two men fought on opposite sides. After returning home from the war, Robin Hood – played by Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service), discovers that Sherwood Forest has been plunged into evil. Determined to return Nottingham to its once honorable state, Robin Hood puts together a group of battle savvy comrades – including Little John, who initially distrusts Robin Hood but eventually agrees to fight alongside him.

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Aside from Foxx and Egerton, the film will also star Eve Hewson (The Knick) as Maid Marian and will be directed by Otto Bathurst (Peaky Blinders), with a script from Joby Harold (Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur).

Perhaps the initial question that many might be asking is exactly how this particular incarnation of Robin Hood will be different from any of the other two hundred plus adaptions of the famous folklore hero. From the plot details that have been given thus far, there doesn’t sound like much of a difference at all. Pound for pound, the same events that Robin Hood has always been faced with are present in what we know thus far of this film.

If Robin Hood: Origins does in fact get to the origins of the eponymous hero, then we could finally be in for something new with regard to this story. There has been some talk of Origins being more along the lines of The Dark Knight in its gritty tone, but so far there is very little evidence of that being the case. It’s probably worth keeping tabs on this one, and by summer we’ll likely have a better grasp of what exactly this story plans on doing differently.

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Source: Deadline

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