James Wan Urges Fans to Watch Swamp Thing After Cancellation

Swamp Thing TV Show

James Wan has urged fans to continue watching Swamp Thing, despite its cancellation. Following Titans and Doom Patrol, the more horror-influenced series was the third original series to air on DC Universe. Though the former two exist within the same world, Swamp Thing existed solely as its own entity.  Created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, Swamp Thing tells the story of Alec Holland. In the comics, Holland is a scientist whose consciousness and memories are transferred to the plant life surrounding his lab after an attempt on his life. The show, however, follows Abby Arcane (Teen Wolf's Crystal Reed) as she investigates a mysterious virus. Although at first believing it to originate from the swamp, she finds that larger forces are at work.

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The first episode debuted on May 31. Despite mostly positive reviews, the show was officially canceled a week later. The news was a surprise to many, despite the previous reduction to the episode count. Fans immediately began protesting the decision on social media, calling for the show to be saved. Others, meanwhile, began investigating what led to the decision. For a while, it seemed as though the issues stemmed from an error on the budgeting side of things. Screen Rant itself quickly discovered, however, that it wasn't because of state grant issues.

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Taking to Instagram, Wan revealed that he was just as in the dark as fans. Posting a particularly eerie image of Swamp Thing, he declared that he didn't "really know or understand why Swamp Thing had been canceled." What he did know, though, was just how much time and effort had gone into creating the best adaptation possible. "Really proud of everyone’s hard work," he continued, before urging people to continue watching each episode regardless. "Go watch episode 2, and immortalize these 10 episodes. Swampy deserves it."

Wan is no stranger to the world of DC. As well as serving as an executive producer on Swamp Thing, he also directed the DCEU's recent mega-hit Aquaman. He's already onboard to direct the sequel, which is currently being written. Warner Bros. also recently greenlit Trench horror spinoff.  Outside of the world of superheroes, Wan has a number of other horror franchises currently ongoing. The ever-expanding Conjuring universe will continue later this month with Annabelle Comes Home. On top of that, he has a Mortal Kombat reboot in the works, and will direct the pilot of Mark Millar's The Magic Order TV show.

Swamp Thing isn't the first show to be cut down seemingly before its time, and it probably won't be the last. That's no reason that a show cannot make a lasting and meaningful impact, however. Just look at Firefly and countless others. As disappointing as it can be to invest your time in a show that seems doomed, there's no telling what the future holds. There's never a guarantee that a canceled show can be saved. Especially one as expensive as Swamp Thing is reported to have been. Whatever the case, all fans can do is pour all the passion they feel into watching and enjoying the remaining episodes. And hope that such upcoming shows as Stargirl, the Harley Quinn animated series, and the second season of Titans fare better.

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Swamp Thing is currently available for streaming on DC Universe.

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