James Wan Weighs In On Fan Theory Connecting Home Alone to Saw

Creator of the Saw franchise, James Wan, comments on the popular fan theory that Kevin McCallister from Home Alone grows up to become Jigsaw.

Kevin McCallister and Jigsaw

James Wan, creator of Saw, weighs in on a fan theory that connects Kevin McCallister and John Kramer from the Home Alone and Saw movies. The first two Home Alone movies are regarded as Christmas classics that show Kevin protecting himself from a pair of Burglars. The Saw franchise on the other hand, is a long-running horror series that focuses on people who are forced to play brutal games created by Kramer.

Initially, the two film series seem to have nothing to do with each other, but there has been a fan theory for the past few years that John Kramer, (aka Jigsaw), is actually Kevin McCallister as an adult. The two characters do look similar since they both have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a similar jawline, but the similarities don't stop there. Kevin protects his home in the first Home Alone by setting up booby traps that severely injure the burglars Harry and Marv, while John creates more advanced torture devices that end up killing most people he puts into his "games". While the fan theory holds merit, the creator of Saw has now given his opinion on the matter.

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When talking with The Huffington Post, Wan was more than willing to talk about the Home Alone/Saw fan theory. When asked what he thought of the idea of Kevin becoming Jigsaw, Wan commented, "It’s amazing. I should’ve known all along that Macaulay Culkin would grow up to be John Kramer. I think it’s awesome. I’m very flattered that people take the time to have fun with all these fan theories. I think that’s why I make these movies. I want the fans out there to have fun with them."

Kevin Harry Marv Home Alone

Culkin doesn't do a ton of acting anymore, besides starring in a Home Alone-inspired Google Home ad, but both the Home Alone and Saw movies continue to pour out. The fifth Home Alone movie, Home Alone: The Holiday Heist, came out in 2012, and the eighth Saw movie, simply titled Jigsawwas released in 2017. While both films got lackluster reviews, Wan has continued to grow his portfolio with huge blockbusters like Furious 7 and the recent superhero flick Aquaman.

Even though it is incredibly unlikely that Wan based his blood-soaked Saw film on the family-friendly character of Kevin McCallister, the similarities between the movies are there. Fans have had fun with this fan theory for several years, and getting the seal of approval from Wan makes the theory even more concrete. Some fans have imagined Home Alone clips with more blood, but that is likely as close as fans will get to ever seeing the Saw and Home Alone franchises come together.  

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Source: The Huffington Post

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