Aquaman Director James Wan Shoots Down Trailer Rumor

While James Wan's Aquaman is preparing to make a splash this December, the director is debunking the rumor that a trailer for his DC superhero movie is right around the corner.

The state of the DC cinematic universe is in flux following Justice League's box office disappointment and some major changes at the top of DC/Warner Bros. Pictures. So, as the first post-Justice League DC Comics adaptation, fans are eagerly waiting to see if Aquaman follows in the footsteps of the beloved Wonder Woman or marks another misstep on the big screen for DC. After making his first appearance as Arthur Curry during Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jason Mamoa brought the laughs (and the muscles) in the role to Justice League, but just how well will he fare in his own solo film? Unfortunately, we'll have to wait longer than rumored to get our first look via a trailer.

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A rumor emerged a few days back that an Aquaman trailer would be premiering soon, but Wan himself has now shot down the idea. The rumor initially sprang from a now-deleted social media post by composer Carlos Villalobos, indicating that he was scoring the trailer for Aquaman. After the post disappeared, Jason Momoa News asked Wan (though his Twitter account) what was going on. The filmmaker explained why Villalobos had deleted his post, saying "Because he has nothing to do with our trailer at all. Don't know who this dude is."

Although Momoa's King of the Ocean played a major role in Justice League, we only briefly glimpsed Atlantis in one scene, where the villainous Steppenwolf came for the Mother Box. Although most of the Aquaman's backstory was erased, fans did get a short scene of Aquaman alongside Amber Heard's Mera, neatly teasing the pair's relationship in the upcoming solo movie. Also along for the ride are the likes of Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, and Willem Dafoe, but little else is known about the plot of Aquaman.

Given that Wan is best-known for horror movies like Saw and The Conjuring, many are keen to see just how he fares bringing his first superhero movie to our screens. Momoa's performance was regarded as one of the best parts of Justice League, so will Wan stick with the more comedic version that Snyder and Joss Whedon brought to our screens, or will he take Arthur Curry in his own direction? We already know that Wan is changing the whole "bubble" situation from Justice League, but what else will be different?

The waters will likely become a lot clearer when a first trailer eventually lands, but Wan seems to keen to keep us dangling on the end of the line for just a little longer yet. Given that Warner Bros. has Ready Player One set for a March release, it is more than likely that this is when we will get our first glimpse of Aquaman in action for his own underwater adventure. Either way, there is a lot of pressure on Aquaman to perform well at the box office, because as we have seen, the whole of the DC movie slate can change at the drop of a hat.

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