Aquaman: James Wan Teases Potential Filming Location

Aquaman Setting Atlantis

With filming well underway on the first Justice League feature (now with fewer Snyder flourishes), it seems like the DC Extended Universe is moving full steam ahead. At the same time, there's still so much we don't know about several Hall of Justice residents. Batman V Superman did get some of the early introductions out of the way, especially since Wonder Woman is less than a year away. But several of the JLA’s major players, including Aquaman, await their chance to step into the spotlight.

Although Arthur Curry's story has yet to unfold in front of the lens, Director James Wan recently revealed that production is scheduled for next summer, with principle photography taking place in Australia. However, it appears the director could have a few location shoots in mind.

The social media-friendly director recently took to Instagram to reveal another potential shooting locale. Suspended from the edge of a boat (now that’s location scouting), Wan captured himself along the Amalfi Coast off the Salerno Gulf in Southern Italy. He teased Aquaman aficionados, saying “what a gorgeous, picturesque location. Maybe for a movie of high sea-adventures? #amalficoast” Take a look at the lovely location below:

Hanging on a boat. What a gorgeous, picturesque location. Maybe for a movie of high sea-adventures?? #amalficoast

A photo posted by James Wan (@creepypuppet) on

Of course, it’s possible the director was merely having some fun on his vacation. When compared to the comic book renditions of Atlantis, though, the rocky outcroppings and turreted castles could easily double for the mythical city. It would also be 'historically accurate,' at least architecturally. Based on Plato's writing, many theorists believe the underwater burg would have been located somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. As such, the coastal regions and islands around Italy and Greece would be ideal for shooting a pre-submerged Atlantis (depending how far the film's backstory goes), shooting surface-for-undersea scenes, or at least creating a template for the CG cities in the finished film.

Even though a movie called Aquaman rightfully takes place underwater, screenwriter Will Beall revealed that the film will take place partially on dry land. If Wan and his crew aren't planning to shoot subsurface scenes on the Amalfi Coast, assuming they use the location at all, the craggy shores could become an entry point for Curry and his Atlanteans cohorts when they leave their home.

Of course, shooting on dry land for subsurface is one thing; having the characters speak below the surface is an entirely different challenge. Either way, it will be fascinating to watch as Aquaman's latest adventure unfolds.

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