James Wan Highlights Aquaman Sideshow Collectibles in New Video

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In a new video promoting his upcoming superhero filmdirector James Wan highlights the Sideshow Collectibles figure for Aquaman. Toys and merchandise are a crucial part of any big superhero blockbuster's marketing, and Sideshow Collectibles are known for their high-end products and incredible details.

In the past year, popular superheroes like Supergirl and Green Arrow have gotten their own premium figures from Sideshow Collectibles. That being said, Sideshow Collectibes doesn't simply focus on superhero characters, as they have created figures for characters like John Wick and even the Predator; nor do they only create figures, as they've also released exclusive art as well, like the pieces they created for the 10th Anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, though Sideshow Collectibles has produced other Aquaman figures in the past, the upcoming movie from director James Wan is receiving a brand new figure based on Jason Momoa's interpretation of the character.

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In a new video posted on DC's official YouTube page, Wan promotes his new film and praises Sideshow Collectibles' work on the new Aquaman figure. The figure of Jason Momoa in the classic Aquaman costume was previously unveiled in October, but this new video gives fans a better in-depth look at the figure's creation. While Wan talks about his inspirations behind Aquaman in the video, he also comments on the fact that Sideshow Collectibles' detailed figure makes him appreciate how much time was spent on the costume design, even more than he already did during production on the film. The full video can be seen below.

While Sideshow's figure hasn't been released to the public yet, die-hard fans can purchase other Aquaman toys that are available now. Toy companies have already released a whole line of DC Comics Multiverse 6-inch figures, a series of 12-inch figures, and, of course, Funko Pops. While these toys are nowhere near as detailed as the Sideshow Collectibles figure, they are a bit more affordable for the average comic book fan.

Box office tracking for Aquaman has been less than favorable, especially since the film will be going up against some other big titles in December. However, while Warner Bros. has clearly had some trouble starting their superhero film universe, Aquaman is believed to set the DC Extended Universe on the right trackEarly reactions to Aquaman have remained positive overall, and Warner Bros. is believed to be planning a sequel already. That being said, if Aquaman is as good as what people have been saying, more fans may become that much more willing to shell out some extra cash for Sideshow Collectibles premium figure.

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