James Wan Celebrates New Year With Aquaman Armor Tease

James Wan, the director of the upcoming Aquaman movie, teased fans with a sneak-peak of what might be the titular hero's new armor in the movie. The coming of a new year delivers the promise of excitement and Wan was quick to celebrate that spirit with an up-close picture on New Year's Eve.

The photograph seems to depict an arm-piece or leg-piece with an intricate octopus design embossed into the metal. It also shows a hooked spearhead in the foreground, as well as some other armored pieces, including a helmet, in the background.

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The director delivered the teasing photograph via his Twitter account. The Tweet also wished Wan's followers a Happy New Year "from the deep" and hoped for a happy 2018. When asked by one of his Twitter followers, however, Wan clarified that this image does not hint at Aquaman's hook hand from the comic books.

Based on the popular DC Comics hero, Aquaman is one of 2018's most highly anticipated superhero movies. While details on the film's story have been kept under wraps, it is known that DC Comics CCO and Aquaman comic writer Geoff Johns developed the story with James Wan. The film will also fully detail Aquaman's origins, with Nicole Kidman and Temuera Morrison playing the roles of Aquaman's parents - Atlantean Queen Atlanna and lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry.

It remains to be seen how well Aquaman will perform at the box office. While last year's Wonder Woman was a critical and commercial success which shattered box-office records and became the most critically acclaimed superhero movie of all time, the Justice League movie which followed it was a disappointment on every level. It also doesn't help matters that, despite the best efforts of comic creators, animators, and fans to boost the character's stock in recent years, the general public's image of Aquaman still remains that of the dorky blonde guy in the orange shirt from the Superfriends cartoons who talked to fish and got captured a lot.

Thankfully, the new Aquaman film does have a lot going in its favor. While fans and critics alike had complaints about many aspects of Justice League, Jason Momoa's performance as a more badass Arthur Curry was not one of them. Indeed, one chief complaint was that the movie did so little to explore the background and origins of the character, whose existence in the DC Comics Cinematic Universe was first teased in a cameo appearance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The only certainty is that Aquaman opening will continue to be highly anticipated, whether the film ultimately sinks or swims.

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Source: James Wan

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