James McTeigue Talks Superman & Magneto

In his article, Alex mentioned the popular Red Son Mark Millar limited series which followed an alternate take on Superman where he landed as a child in Soviet Russia (the Ukraine to be specific) instead of Smallville, Kansas. That sure as hell would be an interesting movie, but that's not what we'll be seeing on screen the next time we see the Man of Steel.

With the future of Supes still seemingly up in the air, we'll have to wait and see what happens between Warner Brothers/DC Entertainment and the heirs of Superman creators, Jerry Siegel and Joel Schuster.

Moving on to that other big Comics brand name, Marvel, McTeigue has also been rumored to direct Fox Studios' in-development X-Men Origins: Magneto film, a project that has David Goyer (The Dark Knight writer, Blade: Trinity director, FlashForward creator) attached. On that subject, McTeigue shot down the baseless rumors, confirming what we already know.

"I think David Goyer would probably be surprised about that, actually. I think that's just one of those rumors that kind of starts… Until he drops out!

McTeigue did say he'd definitely do it if given the opportunity but it looks like the job might be already filled and McTeigue may be busy on other things anyway... like Superman: Man of Steel for instance!

Would you like to see a McTeigue-directed Superman reboot in the next few years? How about the idea of a shared continuity with the DC films like we're seeing with Marvel?

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