James McTeigue: Superman in "Weird Place at the Moment"


A few months back, our resident comic book movie expert (and newly crowned Game Rant editor), Rob Keyes put together an excellent report on the future of the Superman film franchise, confirming rumors that The Wachowski Brothers' protegé, James McTeigue, was in talks to helm a reboot. Then, in August, with McTeigue still denying any firm involvement in the movie, we learned the director's dark vision for the film.

Despite the fact that McTeigue hadn't officially joined the film, it was beginning to feel inevitable that Superman would enter production relatively soon. Then, faster than a speeding bullet, we found out that DC Entertainment didn't even have plans for a Superman reboot, in part due to complicated legal disputes over the franchise. Now, we have even more confirmation that Superman has stalled out thanks to an interview James McTeigue gave to MTV.

While promoting his upcoming action flick, Ninja Assassin, McTeigue talked about Superman's progress, saying:

"It's in a weird place at the moment...They're trying to work out what they're doing. Warner Brothers is trying to figure out their next move on it. There's some things you can do with the 'Superman' franchise, there's other things you can't do. So it hasn't gone anywhere."

Despite the movie's current situation, McTeigue reiterated his desire to be involved, saying:

"I think it’s ripe for a retooling...I would love to — if it happened, I would at least start a conversation about it."

If you're interested, here are those excerpts in video form from the man himself:

To me, this isn't a huge disappointment. I'm not the biggest Superman fan in the world anyway, and I'm actually more interested in seeing other DC characters - like Jonah Hex and Green Lantern - hit the big screen. Still, I know that the Man of Steel has a fairly loyal fanbase, so allow me to propose this question: What do YOU think of this news? Are you bummed that Superman won't be hitting the big screen anytime soon?

Source: MTV

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