James McAvoy To Play James Bond Creator, Ian Fleming?

In the vein of Sam Worthington and Ryan Reynolds, Wanted star James McAvoy is one in-demand actor. Adding to the list of projects he's attached to - beyond Wanted 2 and I'm with Cancer - we now get word that McAvoy is attached to a biopic of James Bond creator, Ian Fleming.

Pajiba provides us with the story they've gotten from their source, The Hollywood Cog. The project, currently being referred to as simply Ian Fleming, is being developed by both Palmstar Entertainment and Animus Films. McAvoy is attached to the lead role, and the film will reportedly focus specifically on the years of Fleming's life in which he got the inspiration to create the James Bond character.

Fleming's life is prime material for a biopic: Years before creating Bond, Fleming struggled under the shadow of his family name (his father was a member of parliament, and others in his family - namely his brother, Peter - were really affluent), while Ian himself was little more than an "aimless playboy." That was up until his experience in WWII changed his life, and it was those experiences that inspired the character of James Bond. Supposedly the character was, at least in part, based on Fleming.

The biopic - which has financing in the amount of around $40 million - will be based on the book, Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond (perfect source material if ever there was any) by author Andrew Lycett. At this point it seems McAvoy is being eyed by the parties involved for the lead role but has not yet been confirmed for it. However Pajiba speculates that with Robert Redford's The Conspirator now wrapped, McAvoy could slip this smaller project in between the comedy I'm with Cancer (which he has up next on his slate) and Wanted 2, both of which are listed as being in pre-production.

McAvoy is certainly a busy man; do all these upcoming projects mean he won't be starring in The Hobbit as Bilbo Baggins, as has been previously rumored (and hoped for) by many fans? I'd say with all the projects on his slate, our chances of seeing McAvoy as a hobbit are getting slimmer and slimmer...

Ian Fleming is being considered a high priority project, with a script either already written or set to be written (it's hard to tell from the wording of Pajiba's article) by Matt Brown (Ropewalk). The only thing that remains is to find a director.

Do you think McAvoy is suited to play Fleming? Do you think with his full slate that he won't be in The Hobbit as a lot of fans have hoped? And who do you think should direct this biopic?

There's currently no word on when we might see Ian Fleming.

Sources: Pajiba (thanks to Empire)

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