James McAvoy Debunks Hobbit & Ian Fleming Rumors

Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub over at Collider managed to get a chance to sit down and interview James McAvoy while the actor was doing his rounds promoting The Last Station, which is due out this Friday. Inevitably things got around to his upcoming roles, including the much-rumored notion that he'll be playing Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, as well as the rumor that he'll be portray James Bond creator, Ian Fleming, in a biopic.

Well, it's no surprise that McAvoy has outright debunked The Hobbit rumors, as he has done so already in the past. With the help of Weintraub, McAvoy labeled it "B.S." I think that rumor was just a case of wishful thinking on the part of fans (myself included) eager for Bilbo to be brought to life by an actor suited to the role. As always, that's not to say we won't see McAvoy end up playing Bilbo (casting for The Hobbit has already begun, and Bilbo is bound to be cast pretty soon) but at this point the role is not in his (talented) hands.

What's a bit more surprising, however, is that McAvoy has also debunked the Ian Fleming rumors. This wasn't just Bond fan speculation about who they'd like to play the character's creator - Pajiba had a source at The Hollywood Cog that said the major parties involved in the $40 million project were eyeing McAvoy for the lead role. However, according to McAvoy he read the script a long time ago but never spoke to the producers and the rumor he's attached to it are simply untrue (thanks Pajiba and Hollywood Cog :-P).


If, for whatever reason, you need the debunks from the horse's mouth, here's the relevant part of Collider's video interview with McAvoy:

Ian Fleming is an interesting subject for a biopic and I thought McAvoy was a great choice to play him. Oh well, at least we can catch McAvoy in the aforementioned historical drama, The Last Station; the comedy/drama, I'm With Cancer; the Abraham Lincoln assassination film, The Conspirator; and of course there's always Wanted 2.

Are you disappointed McAvoy won't be playing both Bilbo Baggins and Ian Fleming? Who would you like to see play each part instead?

Source: Collider

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