Logan Director James Mangold to Adapt Kids Book Crenshaw

Hugh Jackman and James Mangold in Logan

Logan director James Mangold has added to his slate of future projects an adaptation of the children's book Crenshaw. Mangold is also attached to Sony's remake of the French film Disorder, and has talked about his plans for a movie centered on X-23, the young clone girl befriended by Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in Logan.

Written by Newbery-award winner Katherine Applegate, Crenshaw tells the story of a young boy named Jackson and his imaginary friend - a giant cat named Crenshaw - who comes back into Jackson's life to help him deal with his family's hard times. Sony is setting up a live-action adaptation of the book, with a first draft script from Frederick Seton.

THR reports that James Mangold is set to bring the titular giant imaginary cat and his troubled human friend Jackson to life by taking on directorial duties on Sony's Crenshaw. Kickstart Productions is producing. Casting has yet to be announced (though Hugh Jackman might not be bad as a giant imaginary cat).

Adapting a children's book about a helpful imaginary cat is a 180-degree swing for Mangold away from the R-rated dystopian superhero drama of Logan, starring Hugh Jackman as an over-the-hill Wolverine being called back into action after befriending the clone X-23 (Dafne Keen). Mangold should be in a blank check situation after Logan stunned the box office by grossing $616 million worldwide against a budget of $97 million. An Oscar nomination for Best Picture is not out of the question for Logan, though its absence from recent awards discussion would tend to dampen its prospects for a rare superhero movie Academy Award nod. Hugh Jackman is still in the Best Actor conversation, for his flamboyant role in The Greatest Showman if not for his dour, ultra-violent turn in Logan.

With a filmography heavy on drama, like his Oscar-winning 2005 biopic Walk the Line, and superhero fare like Logan and The Wolverine, James Mangold is not necessarily the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of family films like Crenshaw. Perhaps Mangold has just reached a point in his career where he's ready to tone it down and do something that doesn't involve Wolverine swearing in a child's face or mercilessly plowing through bad guys, chopping them down with his adamantium claws with wild abandon.

In addition to Sony's live-action Crenshaw, award-winning Katherine Applegate will also see her book The One and Only Ivan brought to animated life by Disney with Angelina Jolie providing her vocal talents.

Source: THR

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