James Gunn Was Interested In Directing A Hulk/Red Hulk Movie

Hulk and Red Hulk

While James Gunn may be known for bringing Guardians of the Galaxy to our screens, the director revealed that he once had hopes of bringing a Hulk/Red Hulk movie to our screens. As well as being responsible for the success of Star-Lord and co., fans can no doubt imagine Gunn at the helm of a film that pitted the Green Meanie against the Red Rogue.

First introduced in 2008's Hulk #1, Red Hulk finally made in onto the pages of Marvel after being pitched decades earlier. Although originally keeping his identity secret, the character was eventually revealed to be Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. Anyone thinking that the name sounds a familiar, that's because he is already well established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With or without Gunn, a Hulk/Red Hulk movie could be one epic beat 'em up for the franchise.

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Speaking to his fans during a Facebook Q&A, Gunn was eventually asked about something other than Yondu or Rocket, and someone posed what dream superhero movie he wanted to tackle before Guardians:

"I wanted to do Hit Monkey. Like REALLY wanted to do it. I was also interested in doing a Hulk/Red Hulk film."

For those who don't know, Hit-Monkey is another Marvel entity, which focused on a Japanese macaque who learned how to fight and become the world's greatest assassin. Given Gunn's superb work on the likes of Rocket Racoon, a Hit-Monkey adaptation seems right up his alley, whereas Hulk vs. Red Hulk would certainly be more accessible to Marvel fans.

Being one of the most rebooted superheroes out there, the Incredible Hulk has undergone something of a change in recent memory. Ang Lee's Hulk cast Eric Bana as Dr. Bruce Banner, but was effectively wiped from existence when the MCU took over for The Incredible Hulk in 2008. This time, it was Edward Norton playing the Emerald Giant - and there was nothing wrong with his performance - but the character was again recast for The Avengers. While it finally seems that Mark Ruffalo is happy in the role, and signed on to all potential sequels, we are questioning whether it could be third time's a charm for a Hulk solo film.

As we look at the expanding MCU and the shrouded mystery of Phase 4, Red Hulk is one of the most frequently-requested characters out there. However, though nothing more than a red version of the Incredible Hulk, do we really need him? The pieces are certainly already there since William Hurt has played the role of Thunderbolt Ross in 2008's The Incredible Hulk and last year's Captain America: Civil War. Ross famously took on the Red Hulk persona during the comic book storyline of Civil War, we may have already missed the boat on this one.

We at least know that Hulk will get time to shine when entering the Grandmaster's Arena for Thor: Ragnarok and will return for Avengers: Infinity War. However, even if Infinity War does introduce Ross' team of Thunderbolts, a big question hangs over his importance in the rest of the MCU's future. That being said, a Hulk/Red Hulk feature could be Marvel's very own Batman V Superman. As for Gunn taking part? Well, never say never on that one!

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