James Gunn Reflects on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout Experience

James Gunn and the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT Ride

James Gunn has been sharing a lot of his memories from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's development on Facebook, but his most recent reveal comes from the creation of the Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT! ride. Disney's brand-new attraction, the Guardians of the Galaxy-themed replacement for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at the California Adventure Park in Anaheim, officially opened to the public on Saturday, and Gunn was in attendance to help celebrate the opening.

Gunn was not there to simply welcome Disneyland patrons to the new ride, though. He actually played a pivotal role in the ride's overall production, assisting in a number of areas with Disney's "Imagineers" to help make sure the ride did justice to the movies as Marvel fans know and love them. Mission: BREAKOUT! is now open and Disneyland certainly owes a lot to Gunn and his vision, but Gunn himself just shared his own message of thanks to everyone he worked with to help make the ride happen.

Posting a lengthy message of reflection to his Facebook page on Saturday, Gunn details his myriad roles in helping bring the attraction to life and thanking everyone involved who worked with him along the way. He credits the Imagineers at Disney for approaching him on the project, using Gunn's distinctive vision from the movie to translate it perfectly to an amusement park ride. Gunn directed footage used for the ride, mostly featuring Rocket Raccoon, and consulted with crews on the characters, musical selections, visual effects, and "overall aesthetics of the Guardians."

Gunn's post was especially complimentary to the people at Disney who helped him through the experience of working on the ride, which of course was a first for the writer/director.

"For me, it was a wonderful opportunity to be a beginner at something. As passionate as I am about my job, I have been making movies professionally for 22 years and there are days when it's like washing dishes. The Imagineers mentored me in an entirely new and different art form - and the pathways you take to get the desired reaction from a ride are very different from the pathways you take while making a movie. I learned a lot and am incredibly grateful to them for their knowledge and patience. Thank you guys."

The post concludes with Gunn sharing some Disneyland memories and shouting out the Guardians of the Galaxy cast members that he got to celebrate with by taking the first official ride of Mission: BREAKOUT! Zoe Saldana, Michael Rooker, and Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige were among those in attendance at the ride's opening. The post is a must-read for Gunn fans, as it revealed his latest bit of insight into the work he does behind the scenes, sharing some thoughtful memories in the process.

Knowing that Mission: BREAKOUT! is filled with references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will share the same vision that Gunn has had with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, this will undoubtedly make Marvel fans want to experience the ride even more. Unfortunately for those outside of the Anaheim, California area, Mission: BREAKOUT! can only be found at the California Adventure Park - but thanks to Gunn's involvement with the ride's production, it has a good chance to be worth the trip.

Source: James Gunn

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