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[MAJOR SPOILERS for Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 ahead.]

For most people who been on the Internet in the past week, the big plot twist from Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 is probably old news by now. The Internet has been abuzz with the revelation that not only is Captain America an agent of HYDRA, he apparently has been all along.

The reaction to the plot twist has been mixed, with some people seeing it as a bold move and others seeing it as a betrayal of the character they have grown up idolizing, a symbol of all the best values of his namesake country. While big-screen Captain America Chris Evans did not take the news well, Marvel's lifelong pitchman Stan Lee said he thought it was a "clever idea." Now another big name from the Marvel family has chimed in with his opinion.

Taking to Facebook and Twitter, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has given his take on the Captain America plot twist. Gunn says that while he is not necessarily crazy about the twist himself, those who are raging about it on the Internet should get over it and move on with their lives:

"If you're a forty-year-old dude claiming a comics company ruined your childhood because of a plot twist, you might consider that your childhood really wasn't that great to begin with."

He also poked a bit of fun at the outrage, pointing out with one tweet that much worse has been done to Captain America in the past:

Marvel ruined my childhood by making Captain America a wolfman.

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) May 28, 2016

Of course, turning Cap into a wolfman is rather silly, but occasional silliness is to be expected from comic books. What has some Captain America fans fuming is not just that the character has been changed, but he is now associated with the opposite of the values he once stood for. HYDRA is often seen as a comic book stand-in for the Nazis, although in truth it is more complicated than that. The Nazi party also exists within the Marvel universe, and indeed one of the most famous Captain America comic books of all time features cover art of him punching the Fuhrer in the face. Gunn retweeted a comment that pointed out the difference, and commented that real fans would know the difference as well.

Making Captain America a HYDRA double agent was an audacious and bold move on Marvel's part. How bold the decision remains when they eventually retcon it remains to be seen, but they have to have known that many fans would not take it well. No doubt many of those same fans will be buying the next issue in the hopes that they will find out that the plot twist was not what it seemed to be, and Marvel is counting on that to generate sales. Only Marvel knows that this point, though, how the story will play out.

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All New, All Different Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 is now available. Issue #2 hits stores June 29, 2016. Marvel’s Civil War II event kicks off in June 2016 and is scheduled to run through eight issues of a limited series (with spinoffs and tie-ins) in 12 books.

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