James Franco To Write, Star In & Direct 'The Adderall Diaries'

One never knows what James Franco might do next.

At any given time he can be found: Doing a stint on the daytime soap opera General Hospital, pursuing his master’s degree, writing a novel, and/or appearing in smile-inducing Funny Or Die videos such as, "Acting With James Franco." For a brief foray into the go-go world of Hollywood sophistication and glamor, please do see the section on "working with green screen." He currently has several projects in the pipeline including; 127 Hours, Your Highness and Rise Of The Apes. To add to his growing list of projects and activities, the actor has now optioned the rights to Stephen Elliott's memoir The Adderall Diaries and plans to write, direct, and star in the film adaptation.

Author Stephen Elliot made the announcement via Twitter this week as a part of his promotional campaign for the paperback release of his book. Mr. Elliott later said that the deal was not completely finalized, but official enough to go public with the news. The writer seems to have a healthy grasp on just how extended James Franco is at the moment, as well as a clear understanding that just because a book is optioned, that does not necessarily mean that the film will be made right away. According to The New York Observer Mr. Elliott said, “I'm mostly hoping that people are going to say, 'Oh James Franco optioned this, so I'm going to buy it and read it because I like him.'  But it would be nice if he actually made the movie too."

James Franco always makes interesting choices, and is certainly willing to take risks. At first glance, he seems a bit young to play the main character in this story; but he is unquestionably talented and it will be fascinating to see what he makes of this source material. Of course, it is entirely possible that by the time the film actually gets made he will have become age-appropriate.

Here is the book's official synopsis:

In the spring of 2007, a brilliant computer programmer named Hans Reiser stands accused of murdering his estranged wife, Nina. Despite a mountain of circumstantial evidence against him, he proclaims his innocence. The case takes a twist when Nina's former lover, and Hans's former best friend, Sean Sturgeon, confesses to eight unrelated murders that no one has ever heard of.

At the time of Sturgeon's confession, Stephen Elliot is paralyzed by writer's block, in the thrall of Adderall dependency, and despondent over the state of his romantic life. But he is fascinated by Sturgeon, whose path he has often crossed in San Francisco's underground S&M scene. What kind of person, he wonders, confesses to a murder he likely did not commit? One answer is, perhaps, a man like Elliott's own father.

So begins a riveting journey through a neon landscape of false confessions, self-medication, and torturous sex. Set against the backdrop of a nation at war, in the declining years of the Silicon Valley tech boom and the dawn of Paris Hilton's celebrity, The Adderall Diaries is at once a gripping account of a murder trial and a scorching investigation of the self. Tough, tender, and unflinchingly honest, it is the breakout book by one of the most daring writers of his generation.

Source: The New York Observer

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