James Franco Facing More Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Five women have now come forward with allegations against actor James Franco. Ever since the moment James Franco won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a musical/comedy for The Disaster Artist, whispers have been growing about possible sexual misconduct by the actor. One actress, Violet Paley, directly accused the actor of coercing him into oral sex, while another, The Breakfast Club veteran Ally Sheedy, made an implicit accusation of her own.

Franco, in breaking with the custom of just about every other Hollywood figure accused of misconduct in the last six months, reacted by appearing on late night talk shows to deny the allegations in regards to Sheedy and other accusers. He also reiterated his support for the #TimesUp movement, declaring that if he had done something wrong, he would fix it. Additionally, Franco made sure to mention he was not going to push back too hard on the allegations. Now, a major journalistic piece ha dropped detailing more accusations against Franco.

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The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday morning that five women have accused Franco of either sexual misconduct or “sexually exploitative behavior.” The piece was written by Daniel Miller and Amy Kaufman, the reporters also responsible for the previous exposes on James Toback, Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner.

In the piece, four of the women accusing Franco are his former acting students, while the fifth calls Franco her mentor. Among the accusations are the one from Paley that Franco pressured her to perform oral sex. There are also accusations from other actresses that Franco pressured women to perform nude during acting classes (such as in a Master Class he taught on acting out sex scenes) and in films he produced. Sheedy is not a source in the story.

The accusations lobbied against Franco arguably don't quite rise up to the level of the cases of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, but they are alarming nonetheless. This story seems likely to start a conversation about the topic of actresses being pressured into nude scenes in an underhanded way - something that certainly has a long and ugly history in Hollywood.

What this means for James Franco’s career, his Oscar chances, his future movie parts and his dual role on HBO’s The Deuce, will likely be sorted out in the near future, and there’s also the chance of further accusations.

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Source: Los Angeles Times

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