James Franco Joins 'General Hospital'

James Franco has decided to take the usual path for an Academy Award nominated actor by joining ABC's soap opera, General Hospital. (Wait... What?)

Yes, that's right folks. James Franco, Academy Award nominee and all around great actor will be joining the gang at General Hospital for two months.

What's the reason for his addition to the cast? I don't want to speculate, but I've heard that the creators of the 43 year old daytime television drama have a pretty amazing Green Goblin storyline coming up and who's the only actor that we know can play Green Goblin? Well, yeah... Willem Dafoe, but this story isn't about him. Other than William Dafoe... Exactly! It's James Franco.

Actually, the reason he'll be doing a two month stint on the show is because he's doing research for an upcoming film role. Hopefully, the role he's researching will be that of a soap opera star and not a doctor. If it's a doctor, looks like his next role will be full of scandalous relationships, drawn out storylines and glasses from Santa that allow you to talk to dead people. (Yeah, I'm talking about you, Monica Quartermaine. What?!? Who wrote that?!? I don't watch soap operas... -cough- very often -cough-.)

All that is known of the character Franco will be playing is that he's "a mystery person who comes to the soap opera town of Port Charles." So, there we go. He's a weirdo. Or a magician. Possibly a weirdo magician. (Don't quote me on that.)

(General Hospital has actually been on the air for 46 years, not, as I mentioned earlier, 43. For anyone who caught that error; Haha... Busted! You watch General Hospital!)

Franco's rounds (that's hospital talk) on General Hospital will begin during November sweeps, November 20th on ABC.

Source: Variety [via: Collider]

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