Does James Franco Know Jack (Ryan)?

Rumor of the week. Nope, nothing to do with Bruce Willis or his family.

Word on the street (well, CHUD) is that Sam Raimi would like his Spider-Man star James Franco to play Jack Ryan in the film that he is shepherding through the stormy waters of production.

What's that I heard you scream at your monitor? That's a terrible idea! I agree with you.

So does Paramount Pictures. Allegedly.

Paramount wants to reboot the series (based on the novels by Tom Clancy) with a younger actor playing the CIA analyst in the spy thriller franchise. Hold on, didn't they already do that with Ben Affleck back in 2002? Yes they did. However, they want to do it again. Their first choice was Ryan Gosling (rumor, again had it), but now Raimi would like to work with Franco once more.

I guess three movies just wasn't enough.

Although Franco is on Raimi's wish list, Paramount doesn't think that the Pineapple Express star is a big enough name. I guess a $23 million opening really doesn't mean Jack anymore.

According to CHUD's source, Raimi is willing to walk away from the project if he doesn't get his way. If those are his creative decisions then that might not be such a bad idea. What the hell was wrong with Affleck anyway? The Bourne Identity (which came out the same summer as The Sum of All Fears) only grossed three million more - and they made another two films in that series.

I think what this story highlights (regardless of whether it's true or not) is that there are NO young leading men out there. I don't mean actors - I mean stars. I believe that we may have seen the end of the movie star.

I worry that all we are going to get from this point onwards is a series of flavors of the month stuck in movies. How many times in the past few years have we heard the phrases "the next big thing" or "the next (insert older actors name here)? What has become of these people? Not a great deal.

Agree or disagree let us know.

Source: CHUD

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