James Cameron's Avatar is Epic - Comic-Con 2009

Finally, for our first time ever, we got a look at James Cameron's upcoming top secret science fiction epic, Avatar.

But no, it wasn't just a look, it was 25 minutes of 3-D beauty at its finest.

Tom Rothman, Chairman of Fox Film Entertainment was first on stage to give a strong and well-deserved introduction to the man behind this project, then we were treated to Cameron's presence on stage to present his work to us in attendance.

Rothman described Cameron as a master at creating "emotional action epics" and he certainly brought that in force today with the movie that's been "14 years in the dreaming, 4 years in the making."

Cameron wasted no time in getting to the footage and he presented it as a way to address all the online concerns that fans and blogs have raised over the lack of marketing for the film long in the making.

Cameron: "how many of you have ever wanted to go to another planet?"

Hall H: A giant universal and cheerful "yes" followed by applause.

Cameron: "Second question, Are you ready to go to Pandora?"

Hall H: A giant universal and cheerful "yes" followed by applause.

And then it came, the moment I've been waiting for not just since waiting in line eight hours before, but since we first heard of the project in development.

Without going into too much detail at the risk of my words not doing the video justice, it was awesome.

In the scenes we were treated to, we found out the details of what the Avatars are, what they look like, how they are utilized. We go to see the beautiful and lush planet of Pandora, its indigenous life from plants to creatures and its main intelligent inhabitants, the Navi.

It certainly was a visual spectacle in every detail to the blades of grass and textures everywhere.

The tone and feel of the footage we saw was very similar to Jurassic Park, except with unearthly large beasts instead of giant dinosaurs and different species of plantation.

While everything we saw was developed from the careful research, planning and creativity of Cameron and crew, it all felt so real. They did an astounding job of creating a new world, a new culture. From geology, history and atmosphere to ecology and language, they did everything to create a completely realistic and believable aesthetic that works for the story and characters embedded in it.

They've involved the best artists, creators, science majors, academics and even highly educated linguist to be precise in all aspects of this piece of art and they made the cast work harder than you can imagine to prep for the role.

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